13 Ethically Dubious Ways to Score Free Stuff

It’s a fine line between ethically dubious and downright dishonest, and most of these money saving tactics cross that line.

We don’t condone them, but we have to ask… How many have you been guilty of in the past?

1. Saying it’s your birthday, anniversary or honeymoon to get an upgrade

Undoubtedly effective. Undeniably dodgy.

2. Crying to get what you want

It’s a trick most of us perfect before our second birthday. We get it; you’re young at heart.

3. Gaming the self-checkout machines at the supermarket

“I’ll just classify these avocados as potatoes. It’s not stealing, I’m still paying.” Sure, if it helps you sleep at night.

4. Event crashing

Yup, Wedding Crashers was a funny movie. And you and your mates are deadset as hilarious and charming as Owen and Vince. What more justification do you need? Get out there and crash!


5. Conning a gullible guy or gal to buy you drinks or dinner (when you have no intention of seeing them ever again)

Ahem… Ladies.

6. Not returning too much change

Sure, you told yourself you didn’t notice until it was too late. But you noticed.

7. Walking into hotel buffet breakfasts

The only cost is on your conscience.

8. Using your grandma’s disabled sticker to get the best parks

There is nothing worse than watching an able bodied person spring out of a car parked in a disabled space. Just sayin’.

9. Jumping on someone else’s tab at the bar

Just chuck those on 118. Cheers!

10. Chucking plates in the bin at a sushi train

“I only had two tuna and avo rolls, promise.” Lucky they didn’t notice you had your fingers crossed.

11. ‘Borrowing’ the office stationary

You spend eight hours a day, five days a week slaving away for your employer. So it’s only fair that they fund your kids’ back to school stationary needs. Right?

12. Paying by card at a group dinner… And pocketing the change

Picture the scene: a delicious dinner with friends is about to wrap up. The bill arrives. Back of the napkin calculations are performed to determine that everyone owes about $30 each. But the real amount is $28.10.

Enter, stage left, your sketchy mate.

First, they will proclaim their amazement at the absence of cash in their wallet. Next, they will generously offer to pay the entire bill on their card, proceed not to tip, and pocket a cheeky $1.90 from each of their ‘friends’ for a discount on their meal.

Red card.

And last but not least, 13. Not telling your lottery syndicate that you have a winning ticket

Strange, Jim didn’t mention he was going to the Maldives this week.

Damn you, Jim. Source: Lars Plougmann, Flickr.

Damn you, Jim. Source: Lars Plougmann, Flickr.


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Image: Wedding Crashers