2016’s Hottest Budget-Friendly Destinations

Deciding that you need a holiday is the fun part. Deciding where (and with what money) is distinctly less fun, particularly when your budget is looking like the price of a small pet.

But travelling doesn’t need to be expensive if you’re conscious of where, what and how you spend your hard-earned dollarydoos. To start you off, here are 2016’s hottest budget-friendly destinations!


The budget-travelling staple of this decade, students and families packing light wallets flock to Vietnam for its unique history, stunning natural landscape and dirt-cheap food.

The Price of Travel’s Index recently found budgets of $20US per day (food, accommodation, sightseeing) were possible in Vietnam hotspots Ho chi Minh City and Hanoi. This is real magic.

Don’t fall for inferior magic.


Who said you can’t do Europe on a budget? One of the cheapest European countries to fly into, if you avoid the tourist hubs in Spain, your purse can get you reasonably far compared to say, France.

A lot of galleries and museums in Spain’s main cities will host free admission afternoons, so use this to your advantage. Avoid spending unnecessarily by skipping dinners out and taking the bus between cities, if time permits.

Bosnia and Hercegovina

An unparalleled mixture of aged architecture and modern landscapes, Bosnia and Hercegovina is the southeastern European country for travellers on a shoestring.

With countryside’s adorned with lush forest and sparkling rivers, Bosnia and Hercegovina is also ideal for lovers of the outdoors, with some of the most accessible ski resorts in Europe.


The ancient carnival in South America and the ultimate trekking trip: Peru is for you. From the breathtaking pilgrimage to Machu Picchu to the ruins of the Sacred Valley, Peru is one of the warmly richest cultural places you may visit in this lifetime.

Spice-packed food staples and family-run hotels will cut through your budget in no time.


Vietnam’s slightly less travelled cousin, Laos is the people pleaser. From natural beauties to an emporium of cultural historic sites and mouth-watering food to the thrill seeking galore – travellers can stay in Laos’ most stunning hotspots or venture on the simple road less travelled.

If you’re willing to trim your trip, you can make it on a solid $50 AUD a day.


One of the oldest, largest countries on Earth – there’s way too much of China to see in just one trip (although you’ll undoubtedly try).

The vast diversity alone means you can plan a trip tailored to whatever tickles your fancy. Museum-lovers? No worries. Foodie trips? Got you covered. And, in a country on this scale, there’s almost always a budget-friendly alternative.