3 Hilarious Facebook Groups You Need to Check Out

Facebook is full of weird fan pages and even weirder groups that centre around some pretty specific niches. But that’s just the internet in general, look at YouTube for example.

While most are pretty boring, there are a few gems that are well worth getting involved in. Here’s three hilarious Facebook groups to suss out.

Halal Snack Pack Appreciation Society

We’ve covered this page before, because it’s quite possibly the best one going around.

To those of you who are unacquainted with the culinary delight that is the Halal Snack Pack, it is a bed of hot chips under a blanket of your choice of kebab meat and combination of sauces. It’s a tremendously delicious experience for all involved.

Started by a few pals with the aim of finding the best Halal Snack Pack in Australia, the page has been around since December 2015. They have since amassed over 150,000 members who all love to review and discuss their snackys.

Soon after its birth, hilarious memes and phrases were created and many laughs were had, most revolving around the concept of being a “haram dingo” (haram being the Arabic word for “forbidden”). Just avoid tomato sauce and you’ll be fine.

But perhaps the best part of the group is its outward display of genuine multiculturalism, something that an Australia with Pauline Hanson needs now, more than ever.

Blokes and Their Ice-creams

A page dedicated to… well, blokes and their ice-creams.

“Blokes and their Ice-creams© was a not-for-profit organisation designed for everyday blokes documenting the enjoyment and appreciation of creams around the globe. We provided a forum for discussion, debate, suggestions, recommendations, techniques and venues for all things cream¹ related,” says the about page.

The page has more than 32,000 members, most of which love to have a dig at anyone who eats a Maxibon the wrong way (biscuit end first). Anyone who does so is swiftly labelled a “non-bloke”.

I once watched a live stream of a guy eat five ice-creams in a row. Many assumptions were made about the level of sobriety of said guy, the results of which were hilarious.

Cream on, blokes. 

Simpsons Shitposting

I would argue that this is the best Simpsons themed page on the internet, but hey, that’s just me.

The group has over 137,000 members and a healthy Australian presence, evidenced by the large number of posts centred around Australian politics. For example, this little gem here.


Essentially, the group is just a bunch of Simpsons fans making obscure memes from stills and videos of our favourite episodes. What’s not to love?

It takes a little bit of time to get used to and some of the jokes won’t make any sense at first, but that’s all part of what makes it special. Finally understanding why the time 4:11 and a dancing Moe crudely pasted together is funny is a surprisingly rewarding experience.

The weirder and more obscure they get, the funnier they become. Posted something extra shit? You’ll likely be met with an image like this. Don’t ask me why the ‘E’ is missing, I have no idea.

It may be an acquired taste, but stick with this one and I promise you’ll love it.