4 Ways to Tell It’s Time For a New Job

Ever been in that dreadful scenario when the Monday morning alarm clock shrills and you consider yet another sickie (mmm … what excuse can I swing today?). Worse … every day following drags by like a B-grade horror movie on repeat.

For those slowly imitating a nodding dashboard figurine, here are a few sure signs it’s time for some resignation slam-dunking.

The boss is hard work

You’ve made it your daily challenge to laugh at his lame humour and positively contribute to high fiving round-table chats, but every piece of verbal diarrhoea that exits his pie hole grinds your gears.

Some people just don’t gel, so if you realise you’d rather have a relationship with your cheap-as book shelves, say goodbye to his unnecessary word vomit and hit the road.

You’re stressed to the max

Have you ever reached that point when every pore sweats salty rage, your face consistently colours an obvious shade of beetroot and you feel like you’re spinning about uncontrollably in a workplace washing machine?

That’s serious workplace stress and there ain’t time for that. If your smoko break turns into an every-ten-minute occurrence and your teacup is suddenly full of vodka, you know what’s on the cards.

Work/life balance is … what again?

A deal breaker. Life’s simply too short to be miserable (and you will be most of the time if it’s because of work).

Yes, being motivated and passionate about your career is great, but if it starts to impede on your overall mental state, you’re on the road to ruin. Switch off the laptop post clock-off and look for positive ways to wind down.

You’re bored and unmotivated

If surfing the net and anticipating a mid-week special from the latest must-eat-at venue is the highlight of your day (week, month), it’s time for a bit of re-evaluation. Mediocre in terms of work life is a no go.

If your job’s not firing those neurons and an attractive role progression and salary isn’t a viable possibility, then bow your head, say sayonara and GTFO.

Having banged on about all of that, there is some research out there that maintains lack of advancement and inspiring leadership from senior management are key factors to job satisfaction. Interesting. So try taking a leaf out of Bobby’s book and don’t worry, be happy. And look for other employment opportunities to exhibit your awesomeness (possibly like Bobby).