5 Delicious (And Cheap) Sydney Eateries You Need to Visit This Spring

The sun has finally put its hat on and it is officially spring. Hurrah!

That means it’s time to head outside and start doing things, instead of hanging around at home slobbed out in front of Netflix. But how well is your wallet placed to handle this sudden change in your social life?

Well, luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to grab some tasty grub at even tastier prices. Your bank account can thank us later. 

1. Monster Rolls – Oxford Street

Everyone’s favourite food truck, Monsters, has found a permanent home on Oxford Street.

All their meat is slow cooked to perfection, which means it oozes flavour (good things come to those who wait after all).

Choose between wagyu beef brisket, chicken tenderloins and pork or lamb shoulder to have in a crusty French baguette or, if you’re working on your summer bod, in a super salad.

For just $14, you’ll get one of their rolls or salads plus a drink and, as their portions are not just monstrous by name, you’ll be seriously satisfied.

2. The Pie Tin – Newtown

If you’re in the mood for a classic Aussie favourite then The Pie Tin is a great shout.

Whether you feel like something sweet or savoury, they’ve got you covered with one of THE most extensive selections of pies this side of Kentucky.

Seriously, you could visit every day and probably have a different piece of pie for a year or so.

It’s also not too harsh on your pocket with these pastry wrapped delights starting from $6.90 and you can chuck beans or mash on the side for a few more dollars. Hearty and frugal, our favourite combo.

3. Playa Takeria – Darlinghurst

The first real ‘takeria’ in Sydney, Playa Takeria is also serving up some of the best Mexican grub for next to nothing.

With tacos from $5 and beef burritos for just $14, you can get some seriously tasty and authentic bean action and still get change for a twenty.

Playa boasts great tunes, an awesome graffitied interior and they even hand out floral crowns to make you feel like you’re actually partying it up in Mexico.

Keep an eye out in the evenings when they have Margarita happy hours for only $10 each. Mi gusta!

4. Friggitoria – Potts Point

Never have you had Italian like Friggitoria (outside of Italy).

Just around from the Coca-Cola sign, some of the most authentic Italian street food is being served up daily for very reasonable prices.

Flavio, the chef and owner, has been cooking all over the world but his Napoli routes means everything on the menu is as traditional as Vespas in front of the Colosseum.

Our pick is the Pizza Fritta, made with deep fried pizza dough served with cherry tomatoes and plenty of gooey cheese on top.

5. Knuckles Sandwich Bar – Alexandria

Head down south a little way and you’ll stumble across Knuckles, a super south Sydney sammo bar.

The selection is always changing so you never have to have the same sarnie two days in a row.

Kick start your day with their $9 breakfast sandwich chock full of egg, bacon and avo or splash out and grab one of their superfood brekkie bowls for just $10.

Nab one of their tables outside, enjoy the sun and watch the world go by. Not a bad way to spend a weekend afternoon if we do say so ourselves.

Stumbled across any cheap but delicious gems that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.