5 Emerging Jobs Created by New Technologies

With all the recent talk of robots stealing our jobs in 20 years’ time, we seem to have neglected all of the good things that our job-stealing automatons have done for us.

Think about how bland the world would be if we didn’t have Roomba’s for our pets to ride around on, not to mention unclean floors.

Robot janitors aside, the question is; do we have anything to fear from the rise of the employed robots? Someone bottled your milk by hand long before a robot ever did and that replacement didn’t send the world into uncontrollable unemployment, so why would others?

That’s because new technologies come with new jobs to deal with them or their by-products. Robots can make cars, but someone still needs to service the robots, at least until they can do it themselves.

Here are some of the emerging jobs that we can expect over the next ten years as reported by the ACS and CSIRO.

Remote Controlled Vehicle Operators

Finally, all those years you spent harassing your siblings with a remote controlled monster truck have paid off.

With the increasing popularity of Drones and other unmanned vehicles, professionals will be needed to operate them safely; the dream job of everybody’s inner 12-year-old.

Companies like Amazon are already looking to use drones for their delivery service, so It’s only a matter of time before a drone will be sliding a pizza through your window.

Online Chaperones

This makes it sound like the internet is going to become a darker place than it already is, but that’s silly, it couldn’t possible get any more abysmal than its current form.

It’s a jungle out there.

With identity fraud, online bullying and reputational damage happening on the reg, the online specialists will assist individuals and small businesses manage these risks.

Customer Experience Experts

Everyone shops online these days. It’s hella convenient and gives us more time to do the things that we love, but traditional retail is left to feel the pain of neglect.

A Customer Experience Expert will essentially need to find ways to get shoppers back into their doors. How they’ll achieve this is anyone’s guess, but my money is on some kind of petting zoo.

 Complex Decision Support Analysts

As more and more data becomes available to us, we find it harder and harder to make decisions. That’s where the Decision Support Analyst comes into play.

Their job is to interpret all of the data relevant to the decision being pondered and advise on which one should be implemented.

I’d wager that there is only a certain level of decision where these guys are called in, though. I don’t think they’re going to help you decide on which pair of shoes you should wear to the business meeting.

Decisions are hard.

Specialised Big Data Analysts

Speaking of data, we bloody love it. Lot’s of it. But with this big data comes the need for specialised analysts to sift through it, particularly in the robotics and cybersecurity spaces.

With huge advances being made with artificial intelligence and machine learning, this one probably isn’t far off.