5 Great Resources for Comparing Credit Cards 

Credit cards are very adult. Horror stories are frequent and many young people choose not to indulge to avoid becoming a living financial nightmare.

But with a little self control and some savvy rate-hunting, you can find a card that will work for you without the pain and tears.

Sage advice.

Here are some of the best resources on the inner-net to help you compare deals.


A great website that compares cards from pretty much any provider you can think of. You can search deals in a number of ways, the most handy being the reason you want the card, whether it’s to earn more frequent flyer points, pay less interest or avoid annual fees.

When bae can’t decide between between low interest or bonus points.

The list is set out by purchase rate (the amount of interest you’ll pay when you use the card), bonus points, annual fees and balance transfer rate (the interest you’ll pay if you’re bringing on balances transferred from another card).


Canstar is one of the most trusted comparison websites in Australia, so you know you’re getting some pretty sturdy advice when you waltz on through their e-doors.

The site lets you choose how you use your card and what your monthly spend is. From there, it will compile a list of the best cards for your usage type.

What makes it even better is that you can sort the list by rating. So if you only want that 5-star plastic fantastic, that’s all you’ll see.


Similar to creditcardfinder.com.au, but with more options that are easily accessible.

Flick between tabs to compare rates, features, rewards and other fees as well as advanced search functions.

So much room for customisation.

brb, searching for dealz.


It’s everyones favourite meerkat duo Aleksandr and Sergei. Also, why are they Russian?

Nationality aside, the website is easy to use and presents information on how to compare the cards in your chosen category. A great resource for those that are new to the credit game.

Seriously though, it wears a robe.

Why but?


Toting the best layout of the lot, this website makes it abundantly clear and easy to compare various cards.

The standout feature on creditcardcompare.com.au is the savings column, which will estimate the amount of dosh you’ll keep by using that particular card.

You can also view videos by professionals, Q&A’s and similar comparisons all on the one site. Winner winner chicken dinner!