5 Outrageous Things Tim Cahill Can Buy With the $10 Million He Just Made

Australia’s favourite Tim, last name Cahill, has been having a particularly good week.

It started with winning the Asian Cup on Saturday night with his beloved Socceroos, a satisfying end to a tournament which saw Tim bang in three more goals for his country, including a spectacular overhead bicycle kick against China in the quarter finals.

Then, three days later came the announcement that, at the ripe old age of 35, he’d signed a one year deal with Chinese giants Shanghai Shenhua that will see him pocket $6.5 million in wages alone.

When you add in related endorsement deals and performance bonuses, the Socceroos’ all-time top scorer could take home almost $10 million for his 12 months in China.

Pop the champagne!

Well played, Daily Telegraph, well played.

The multi-million dollar deal puts Cahill in rarified air at the top of Australia’s richest sports stars, with only NBA super star Andrew Bogut and baseball player Grant Balfour earning more.

So what can Timmy do with his newfound wealth? Well, glad you asked. Here are some of the options available to Cahill now that he has gone platinum.

1. Save up for a week and buy a massive round

$10 million a year works out at around $190,000 a week before the tax man takes a bite.

At $5 a beer, that’s enough to buy a round for 38,000 of his best mates. Save up for another couple of days and he could shout the entire town of Port Macquarie, population 41,491.


2. Wait two weeks and pick up a cheeky ticket to space

According to the Daily Mail, you can pick up tickets to join Richard Branson’s ambitious Virgin Galactic project for a cool $250,000.

After a couple of weeks of work, Timmy could be joining the likes of Justin Bieber, Tom Hanks, Katy Perry, Leonardo DiCaprio and Branson himself as some of the first ‘normal’ people to leave our planet.

richard branson 2

3. Save up for a month or so and buy this nine bedroom French Chateaux

Prestige Property Group in the UK have this delightful nine bedroom French Chateaux listed for 885,000 Euro (around $1.3 million AUD).

Set on 2.57 hectares of pristine French countryside in Dax, it comes complete with pool and equestrian facilities. And at around one and a half months work for Cahill, it won’t break the bank either.


4. But who wants a Chateaux in France when they can wait six months and buy an island in Queensland?

If Timmy can keep his wallet in his pocket for just six months, the money he’ll save should be enough to secure him his own private island.

According to Private Islands Online (yep, that’s a website), Turtle Island off the coast of Queensland is available to purchase for a cheeky $5 million bucks. For that you’ll get a 23.25 acre island, a four bedroom, five bathroom mansion, some tropical botanical gardens, an in-ground pool, private jetty and a helipad to boot.

Better get in quick though, rumour has it Kim Kardashian has already shown interest in picking it up.

Turtle Island, Queensland

5. Score some goals, hit those targets, wait a year, and maybe (just maybe) Timmy could afford to buy Watto’s new pad in Bronte.

After 12 months, all going well, Cahill’s potential $10 million pay cheque means he’d be able to make a legitimate offer for Cricketer Shane Watson’s new Bronte pad, which he picked up last week for an eye watering $9 million.

On second thoughts, though, the way Sydney property prices seem to be going, by this time next year he probably won’t be able to afford it.



 Main Image: The Guardian