5 Times When It’s Ok to Quit

No-one wants to be known as a quitter, just ask Zayn from One Direction. We’re always told to hang in there, to keep going, to push through until the job, partner or situation gets better. But what if it doesn’t? Sometimes, it can make more sense to simply say ‘I quit.’

Here are five situations where throwing in the towel is a better idea than jumping back into the ring for a beating.

Toxic relationships

Whether it’s a needy best friend, a whining colleague or a jerk of a romantic partner, keeping toxic people around you is a sure fire way to bring you down. So cut the cray. Slowly reduce the amount of time you hang out with that friend, don’t bite when that negative colleague dangles some bait in front of you and break up with that loser already.

The people around you should make you feel amazing, so make some tough decisions and get your awesome life back. They say you’re the sum of the five closest people in your life; how do you weigh up?

The terrible job

If you’ve maxed out your sick days because you dread going to work, your boss makes David Brent look like an angel, or you’re spending a frankly awkward amount of time in the toilets playing Candy Crush, it’s time to quit wasting your brain and GTFO.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of negativity if you’re hating a solid 40 out of 40 work hours each week. But the only thing stopping you from getting out of a soul-destroying job is yourself.

Take a course, brush up on some sought-after skills, network, meet with recruiters and proactively search for something new. The dream job isn’t going to get handed to you on a plate, so stop looking for the waiter.

Comparing yourself to everyone else

Take a minute to think about what success means to you. Chances are it’s different to what your mates, family, colleagues and neighbours say. So, stop comparing yourself to others and be grateful for what you have.

There are some people that could have everything they want, but still won’t be happy because someone else has more. This mentality is a one-way ticket to discontentment and it’s a bad habit you need to quit today.

Saying yes

This is a hard one for people-pleasers. An inability to say no means you end up getting taken for a ride by co-workers, the boss, mates and that guy who wants to clean your windscreen at the lights.

But unless you want to go through life on other people’s terms, it’s time to finally learn how to say no.

Improve on time management, be well-planned and willing to delegate. Get a grip on your capacity and what you can actually commit to at work, stand firm on your values both at work and socially and, above all, look out for number one.

Avoiding tough conversations

A difficult conversation, a prickly client, or people you sort of know on public transport are all things we’d love to pretend don’t exist. But unfortunately, burying your head in the sand is not the answer here.

Success doesn’t come easy and not every aspect of your life or job is going to be fun. So quit putting things off out of fear or feeling uncomfortable. You’ll feel much better and have a greater sense of accomplishment once it’s done.

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