5 Tips for Maintaining Motivation

Determination, patience and a never-say-die attitude are all key ingredients in the recipe of success. However, without the addition of motivation, your meal may never reach its full potential.

I like to think of motivation as the chocolate chips of life; you only need a few to achieve new levels of greatness. The trouble is, while motivation is easy to find, it’s just as easy to lose.

So to keep you on track, here are a few tips to stay full of motivation in your quest for success.

1. Create a mantra

Devise a quick and snappy saying that you can repeat to yourself in tough times.

Make sure that it’s optimistic, because what you say has the power to become a reality, and if your future is to be one of happiness and success, then your mantra needs to nail that.

You can repeat it to yourself whilst exercising or meditating, or even make it part of your ritual before bed and when you first wake up.

For example, “I will achieve everything I set out to.”

2. Create little reminders of how you want your life to look and feel

Saving for a trip to New York City? Make your phone wallpaper a picture of the Manhattan skyline.

Working towards a body like Jessica Alba’s? Stick a big picture of that gloriously toned and tanned bod of hers on your bathroom mirror.

If you surround yourself with inspiration, you will never lack motivation.

3. Create an energising and uplifting playlist

I find this especially helpful when it comes to fitness motivation. Load your phone full of great, powerful, hair-raising songs to help you feel energised and active.

This can also help you form good habits and challenge yourself, even when feeling flat.

For example, if you’re trying to get into running, progress gradually by sprinting each time the chorus of a song comes on and walk or slow-jog during the verses.

4. Reward yourself each time you make progress

So you got up an hour earlier to workout this morning? Good on you! You smashed out 750 words of your assignment? That’s an awesome effort. Treat yo’ self.

We tend to forget that it is the little things we do that add up and make the big things.

So to stay motivated, take a step back and remember that all the little efforts and sacrifices you are making in the present will add up to make something great in the future.

5. Try reverse psychology

The self-improvement industry tells us to stay optimistic and positive. However, sometimes it is necessary to look at things in a negative light so we feel motivated to keep pushing forward.

For example, maybe the end goal is to finally establish your start-up. Each time you feel de-motivated, imagine yourself not achieving this goal. If you want it that badly, you should feel sad and angered by the thought of failing to achieve that.

Use that feeling to find the energy to keep pushing forwards.

Remember, motivation is a key ingredient in determining whether you will live out an ordinary life or an extraordinary one. It’s the difference between a boring old butter biscuit and a deliciously soft, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookie.