5 Ways You’re Wasting Car Fuel and How to Stop

Even though we’ve had a pretty good run recently, filling up your car is still an expensive way to get around.

If you’re not in a position to switch to a more fuel-efficient car just yet, there are ways to minimise your fuel use. Below are the top mistakes drivers make and how to avoid them to get the most bang for your petrol buck.

Not keeping your tyres properly inflated

Check your tyres at least once a month to make sure they are at the level recommended by the manufacturer. Properly inflated tyres can save up to 3 per cent of your fuel.

Topping off your tank

Trust the auto shut-off, it’s been installed for a reason. Any excess fuel that you top your tank up with will be lost in evaporation or through excess spilling.

Equally, make sure that your fuel cap is shut tight so that your fuel doesn’t vaporise and stays in the tank, allowing you to travel further. Every bit counts!

Driving inconsistently

Sometimes excess fuel consumption is not the fault of the car, but instead caused by bad driving habits.

If you drive aggressively by planting your foot to take off and constantly changing speeds, you are using more fuel than you need. Take it easy on the throttle and don’t stomp on the brakes either.

You’ll save on fuel as well as wear and tear on your brakes, which will save you even more money in maintenance costs.

Travelling further to find cheaper fuel prices

The easiest method of saving money on fuel is, obviously, to spend less. If there is a station or brand that advertises lower prices than its competitors, it’s probably worth giving them a go.

However, while hunting out the lowest fuel prices in your region can be an effective method to save money, be careful that the extra travelling time doesn’t cancel out the reduced cost.

Driving with the windows down

There’s nothing quite like driving the open road with the windows down and the breeze in your hair. That being said, driving with the windows down creates an aerodynamic drag.

This means the engine has to work harder, therefore burning up to 10 per cent more fuel. Roll those windows up, particularly if you’re driving at high speeds. Your wallet will thank you for it.