50 free resources for entrepreneurs

Whether you’re starting up, lancing the free or just being generally creative, money is kind of everything.

Thankfully, there’s plenty of folk just like you who’ve made some pretty awesome sites, programs and tools that are totally free! The internet is truly a wonderful place.

Use them wisely my friend…

  1. WordPress – the personal publication platform of choice. Ideal for creating your own website or blog.
  2. MadMimi – an easy to use program to create e-mail newsletters, track your stats and organise your audience.
  3. HootSuite – manage and schedule your social media posts simultaneously.
  4. Canva – making design simple for everyone, a.k.a graphic design for the masses.
  5. Unsplash – totally free, beautifully captured hi-res images. Better than your average stock photos.
  6. Creative Market – sign up for free bundles of graphics, Photoshop packs, fonts and textures.
  7. Trello – super user-friendly project management tool. Like an online to-do list but more awesome.
  8. Pixeden – full of free graphics and web design templates.
  9. Evernote – manage your work from one place. The tool syncs images, notes and other saved content across all your devices.
  10. Toggl – a great time management tool for freelancers. It helps you to track your time so you can charge clients accurately and see where your hours are going.
  11. Teamviewer – allows you to remote access any computer in a matter of seconds.
  12. Bitly – URL shortening service that allows you to track your links.
  13. Snapseed – fantastic image optimizing app that creates stunning photos.
  14. Dropbox – free storage space up to 2GB.
  15. Niice – create a moodboard and get inspired.
  16. LastPass – securely save all your passwords and other important details.
  17. Logaster – professional online logo maker and generator. Great for playing around until you find your perfect logo.
  18. Grammarly – never make a mistake when writing again. Identifies and corrects any spelling or grammar mistakes.
  19. Google Trends – a great way to track the latest trends and searches.
  20. Quick Sprout – a tool that completely analyses your website.
  21. WordPress SEO by Yoast – full optimize your WordPress site with this widely loved plugin.
  22. Latergram – plan, schedule and optimize your Instagram posts easily.
  23. Designers.mx – curated playlists created by designers for designers. Listen only to the best.
  24. Cold Turkey – get stuff done. Temporarily block yourself from distracting and oh-so-tempting websites while you work.
  25. Skillshare – free online classes and projects made by creatives for creatives.
  26. Launch This Year – a step by step guide to help you launch your own online business.
  27. Typeform – create beautiful online surveys and forms for free.
  28. Font Squirrel – a huge portfolio of free fonts to use wherever and whenever you like.
  29. Dirty Markup – copy your code, paste onto the site and they’ll clean it up, no questions asked.
  30. Tally – create great looking polls quickly and easily.
  31. 365 PSD – download a brand spanking new psd every day.
  32. Dribble – show and tell for designers. Time to get inspired!
  33. Typegenius – find the perfect combination of fonts for your content.
  34. Pexels – all the best, free images in one place.
  35. Fontello – an icon fonts generator. Make custom icons that match your font.
  36. Pocket – save inspirational articles, videos, images, whatever you like, for later. Also saves it across all your devices for inspo on the go.
  37. Intercom – install useful chat and help widgets to your site
  38. Slack – chat and messaging for your team to reduce e-mail backlog and help organise projects.
  39. Namecheap – register your domains in an easy and affordable way.
  40. Quora – have a question that you don’t fancy posing to Google? Get decent answers from members of the industry.
  41. Buzzsumo – analyse what content performs the best so you can optimise your future content.
  42. Nibbler – test any website at the click of a button.
  43. Dunnnk – generates beautiful mockups of iPhones, Android phones, MacBook, iPad and iWatch.
  44. Feedly – RSS feed reader that helps you find online content that’s actually relevant to you.
  45. Mint – helps you keep on tops of your finances by connecting all your accounts and tracks your spending.
  46. Medium – a community of readers and writers guaranteed to inspire you with daily stories and idea sharing sessions.
  47. Hemingway App – makes your writing bold and clear by optimising your copy.
  48. Copyscape – search for copies of your page and content across the web.
  49. Spruce – create social media optimised images in moments.
  50. Spotify – music to chill out after all the hard work is done.


Sing it, brother!


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