6 Life Lessons We’ve Learnt from Board Games

Board games. Love them, hate them, violently flip them – these devilishly simple games are responsible for breaking friendships and destroying marriages. But your favourite childhood (or adult) games have taught you some valuable life lessons over the years. Here are the six of them.


#1 Monopoly

Oh the days when you could dash around the block and earn $200 for passing Go.

Monopoly may be the most rage-inducing board game in the world, but between fighting over the dog token and sitting cosy in Jail, you’ve probably learnt some life lessons along the way. Namely how to manage your property and income – aka rent and free moneyz for going ‘round and ‘round.

#2 Chess

One of the most ancient board games in the world, chess might not rank very high on the spectrum of interesting weekend plans…ever, but is a game that can give you valuable life tools.

For example, even the smallest pawn can become indispensible. You’ll never win by only moving forward. And, my personal favourite, making sure you remember the big picture before your king gets eaten.

#3 Scrabble

As a writer who is (un)surprisingly rubbish at games with word-related anything, Scrabble inevitably amounts to the type of frustration that makes you want to claw your own dumbass eyes out.

Hold back your blood curdling screams, but Scrabble also teaches you a lesson that is hard learnt. You can’t always control the hand life (or a particularly hilarious Jesus, if you prefer) hands you, but you can control what you do with it and how you control, or spell, your own fate.

#4 Ticket to Ride

Originally made in Germany and translated into a variety of different languages, players aim to build railway tracks that connect different cities.

Suspiciously addictive, Ticket to Ride teaches players the valuable lesson of flexibility. Did Dad just destroy your only available route? Work around him, even if it means a (rather unwanted) detour. There are no shortcuts in life, or apparently, when it comes to building trains.

#5 The Game of Life

Created in the 1800s, this recently revived board game is full of delightful (not) twists and turns.

Just like real life, the best day is payday, all your friends are guaranteed to get hitched around the same time and of course, just when everything is looking peachy, the stock market crashes. Classic.

 #6 Cluedo

The lesson? Never hang out in the billiard room alone. It’s always the billiard room.