6 of the Strangest Items Ever Sold on eBay

Boasting 157 million buyers, 25 million sellers and 800 million listings, eBay is one of the world’s most valuable marketplaces.

It’s safe to say eBay is pretty popular, but then again, so is Kim Kardashian and she does some pretty stupid shit.

And in the same way Kimmy K’s latest naked selfie is ridiculous, the grilled cheese that sold for upwards of 20k and the highly illegal listing for the sale of New Zealand is just outright absurd.

20 years of operation is bound to elicit a few unusual items, and believe it or not, a grilled cheese is nowhere near the craziest.

*Waiting for grilled cheese*

New Zealand

In May 2006, some idiot actually tried to sell New Zealand. You know those two beautiful islands right next to Australia? Yeah, someone actually thought they could sell them.

It was listed with a starting bid of $0.01 AUD (the seller was a little bit of an underachiever if you ask me) and actually reached a bid of $3,000 before eBay took it down for breaching its terms and conditions.

A weekend with a group of Aussie blokes

Have you ever wanted to spend a weekend with some top-notch blokes? It sounds a little *ahem*, 18+ if you ask me, but some questionable character actually paid 1,300 bucks for it.

Listed as: “A group of four men from Australia to spend the weekend with the promise of beer, snacks, and a (heck) of a lot of laughs.”

So basically, four Aussie idiots posted a joke ad and ended up getting the last laugh. They could be four of the smartest guys in the country.

Justin Bieber’s hair

In 2011, clippings of the Bieb’s hair fetched a whopping $40,668 on eBay. That’s right, there’s some creepy stalkerish person out there drooling over Justin Bieber’s hair.

The pop star had gifted the locks to Ellen DeGeneres who, not surprisingly, had no use for them. She put them up for auction and later donated the money to an animal rescue organisation.

Who would have thought something good could actually come out of Justin Bieber’s narcissistic ways?

The illustrious grilled cheese sandwich

The sandwich apparently bore a portrait of the Virgin Mary, which fetched it $28,000 in 2004.

The Florida woman who made it 10-years earlier claimed it never went mouldy, although staying mould-free is a lot less unbelievable than the fact this lucky woman made a sandwich, and sold it for over $20,000.

That lucky bitch!

A Dorito

But not just any Dorito, a Dorito shaped like the Pope’s hat, to be exact.

This conveniently shaped snack sold for $1,209 in 2005 and was bought by the same person who purchased the Virgin Mary grilled cheese.

It’s safe to say that GoldenPalace.com (the buyer) has way too much money and should share some of it with the rest of us normal folk instead of buying holy food.

A man’s life

Ian Usher put up his ‘entire life’ up for auction, including his house in Perth, his belongings, an introduction to his friends, and a trial at his job. His ‘life’ sold for $384,000, allowing him a fresh start.

If I was selling my whole life, I think I would want a little more than $384,000. Just saying.

The meaning of life

You know that very concept that has had people stumped for thousands of years, the very existential question that drives all of humanity?

Yeah, it’s only worth $3.26.

I’m sure the man from North Carolina who sold it was hugely disappointed. Although, one question remains, what was it?!

If all of these stupidly genius items prove just one thing, it’s that the Internet is a golden place for anyone wanting to make a quick buck.