6 Ways to Tell You’re Too Busy for Your Own Good

It’s easy to let the pressure and fear of failure sneak under your skin, dominating your decisions at every turn of your career. Unfortunately, money can’t buy you (emotional) happiness, so if you’ve been feeling seriously stressed, overworked and permanently under the weather, here are six ways to tell you’re too busy for your own good.

#1 You hate your career

Remember that unquenchable, childlike excitement for your first job? The feeling of triumph and pride for achieving work that you love AND which pays the bills? Almost..ish.

Well those days are a distant memory, along with a decent night’s sleep and functional life without caffeine. If you’ve forgotten why you love your career in the first place, it’s time to reflect on your current job and whether it’s burning you out (hint: it probably is).

#2 You’re unhappy

And not just ‘I-just-realised-it’s-Tuesday-instead-of-Thursday’ unhappy. You feel like you’re muddling through a blurry life and you can’t remember why the things you used to love were ever enjoyable.

Newsflash you foolish workaholics: work-free activities (otherwise known as work life balance) are necessary to your happiness. Unless you’re secretly a freaking cyborg.

Is this you in the morning?

#3 Your friends have stopped asking you to hang out

If your friends have all but abandoned you through no fault of their own, it’s time to think about when you’ve actually hung out with the people you love.

If you’ve been brushing off catch-ups in favour of extra work hours, just remember that your work stapler doesn’t dish out very comforting hugs.

#4 You can’t remember your last day off

Ever. We’re not talking about overseas holidays – when was your last weekend away, or day off for your best friend’s wedding? Taking a break from work is essential for resting and recovery, so you’re ready to attack that never-ending to-do list when you’re back, bright ‘n bubbly, come Monday morning.

If you’re a recovering workaholic, take mini breaks once a day. Try turning your phone off during Friday date night or during two hours of you-time (aka Netflix).

#5 Everything essential seems like a waste of time

If eating, sleeping and exercising (yes, it is essential thankyouverymuch) seem like laborious chores, you’re probably overworked and underfed. Or overfed, on second thoughts.

Take a night to cook your favourite meal (or buy it if you’re more of a toaster type of person) and enjoy it away from the life-sucking glare of your office desktop. Better yet, round up your crew for a long Sunday brunch.

#6 You’re exhausted

All the time. Take the weekend off, you crazy person.