7 Australians That Have Way More Money Than You

While you’re gorging on food and alcohol over the festive season, it would be irresponsible if I didn’t remind you of all of the people in our fine country that are doing better than you.

To really punctuate the point, we’ll start with the youngest of the bunch so that you can compare yourself and your own achievements before returning to your third bottle of wine for the evening.

Mike Cannon-Brookes & Scott Farquhar

Founders of Sydney tech company Atlassian, Mike and Scott are worth a staggering 1.1 billion dollars each.

And now that the company has listed publicly, that number would have likely tripled in value by now.

Starting the company at just 26 years old, it’s not a bad achievement for ten years worth work. So what’s in your wallet?

Exactly nothing

Fiona Geminder

Fiona’s dad was a “packaging tycoon”, which either sounds like he was really boring or really eccentric.

The package man can

Apart from owning 40% of Pact Group, a plastic packaging company, she also has a stake in Visy, a paper packaging and recycling business.

She’s worth worth a tidy $1.7 billion. Think about that the next time you’re unpacking the next….whatever you bought.

James Packer

Son of the late media magnate Kerry Packer, James sold daddy’s business to News Corp in 2012, leaving him with plenty of time to focus on his true love – gambling.

Or as i like to call it – capitalising on the pain and suffering of addiction.

James’ net worth is currently sitting around a humble $3.9 billion, but is sure to rise with the opening of his new Sydney Casino in the near future.

Frank Lowy

Franky is a shopping mall tycoon that owns Westfield Corp among other giant monstrosities.

He is worth $4.5 billion and…yeah, that’s it. Frank’s a pretty boring guy really.

Harry Triguboff

Old mate Hazza is a self made property developer worth about $4.2 billion.

He was born in China to Russian parents and came to Australia as a teenager where he began his career in the textile business.

Harry has birthed more than 55,000 apartments in his life, earning him the very creative nickname – High Rise Harry.

Gina Rinehart

The richest person in the country, Gina is worth $11.7 billion as a result of her inherited mining assets from her late father.

Dubbed as the queen of the global iron-ore trade, I can only assume that she burns money to keep warm.


Now that the mining boom is over, we can only hope that poor old Gina has enough money to get through the year.

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