The 7 Most Creative Resumes We’ve Ever Seen

With the exponential advances in technology over the past decade, many things aren’t done as simply as they once were. Dating, listening to music, even job hunting has veered from traditional professionalism. A fine example of this shift? Résumés.

Whether digitally enhanced or creatively designed, far are the days when people settled for summarizing their talents on a standard résumé template.

Check out some of the most creative résumés we’ve ever seen!

The Spotify Album

Christian Söderholm of Stocklholm bypassed the average website or LinkedIn profile and opted for a more unique platform to show off his biography.

He went through the trouble of contacting a Spotify-approved music distributor, paying for the uploads, creating short tunes (a light acoustic guitar track with a female voice over) and writing a description throughout the song titles that tells his short story; one of a passionate art director from Sweden.

The Candy Bar

If a job applicant handed me a chocolate bar with their résumé as the wrapper, I’d probably hire them on the spot. But then again, I have a sweet tooth.

A man named Nicholas had his candy bar résumé go viral on Reddit after his friend posted a picture of the treat, also sharing that, “He got the job.”

On the wrapper, the marketing specialist listed his education, skills, qualifications and contact information. Incase you were wondering, there was a Nestlé Crunch bar inside.

The Interactive Game

Robbie Leonardi, who describes himself as a multidisciplinary designer, tech enthusiast and NBA fan on Twitter, created a résumé that looks like a game of Mario as one navigates through his qualifications.

With a space bar click or scroll of the mouse, you can easily run through his education, skills, experience, awards/publications and of course, his love of basketball.

The Facebook Album

It’s no surprise employers stalk you online before considering calling you in for an interview. That’s why Brandon Kleinman thought ahead of the game and created a public résumé photo album on Facebook for his professional creepers to scroll through.

Each picture features Kleinman next to a chalkboard summarizing his qualifications with additional information listed in the comments.


The Infographic

Christopher Spurlock’s resume went viral for all the right reasons, and it landed him a job at the very company that made it trend.

After his infographic résumé was posted on Huffington Post College, the website’s traffic and trends editor at the time, Craig Kanalley, soon shared it. Within no time the infographic amassed thousands of likes, tweets and page views to the point that lead Kanalley to bring Spurlock onboard as the media company’s Infographic Design Editor.

The Google Search

What does it take to impress such a colossal company like Google? Well, Eric Gandhi figured it out with his Google search themed résumé. He created a page that looked as though someone had searched for a designer who was creative, hard working, talented, excellent and a slew of other adjectives.

“Did you mean Eric Gandhi?” popped up under the search bar followed by his qualifications below. Yes, this landed him an interview at Google. And yes, he currently has a badass job working for Buzzfeed.

The Milk Carton

Though it was just a project for Samuel Profeta, his brightly colored resume in the shape of a milk carton is worth a nod.

Not only does it stand out with its shape and colors, it also creatively shows how we often advertise ourselves like a product for our employers.

Plus, the man’s done projects for the likes of GE, FIAT and Nestlé. His creativity is clearly valuable!