7 Easy Ways to Make Money Fast

Whether you’ve got a holiday to save for, an unexpected bill to pay or just need a little breathing room, here are seven (legitimate) ways to make quick cash.

1. Teach Something

Find a skill or area you’re knowledgeable about and put an ad in your local paper or online directory offering your services.

It could be something like teaching a musical instrument, offering tutoring in school or uni subjects or teaching skills for a particular sport.

You can slowly build your student base through word of mouth, social media or more local advertising. If you’re a gun at it, it won’t take too much time to organise and prepare.

2. Get a Casual Job on the Side

If you’re already working full-time and still find you’re wanting more money, try to get a part time or casual job to supplement your income. It could be a job in a bar for Friday or Saturday nights, a cafe job during the day, or helping the elderly with home maintenance over the weekend.

It will keep you busy and reduce your time available to spend money. Plus, if you find a good place to work you might meet new people and really enjoy it. Win win.

3. Freelance

If you have the skills to freelance, find someone who will pay you for your work. There are plenty of sites online which have advertisements for freelancers; particularly in IT, administration, data science, graphic design, writing and editing.

Check out Elance-odesk and AirTasker as a starting point. Put your skills to good use and get paid for them.

4. Sell Your Things Online or Have a Garage Sale

If you’ve got things sitting at home which you rarely use but are in good condition, then post an ad online or organise a garage sale.

It could be furniture, old books, clothes or accessories. Someone out there is bound to want what you are selling. This is a great way to get some money back on things you’ve already purchased.


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5. Rent Out Your Parking Spot

If you own a place which has a prime parking spot for people going to work, rent it out! If you live close to a popular train station or in the middle of a busy city, people would love to know they can get a parking spot each day.

Divvy is just one site that lets you list and rent out your parking spot.

6. Get Creative

If you’re crafty, arty and like making things, start trying to make some money out of your hobbies. It could be painting, making jewellery, cards or figurines. Whatever it is, try to make your product unique and aim for a particular target market.

Make a social media page for your product, contact your local markets and see if you can set up a stall. Try to get your creative work out there and enjoy making some money from it at the same time.

7. Rent Out a Spare Room

If you have an empty room in your home, rent it out. People are always looking for accommodation, especially if you have a place in a good location.

Advertise in your local paper, put a flyer on a telegraph pole or get online and advertise through a home sharing site, like Airbnb. People will start calling you in no time.


Main pic: Mark Turnauckas via Flickr.