7 Mind-Blowing Pieces of Wearable Technology You Didn’t Know Existed

Raise your hand if you’ve heard of Google Glass? FitBit? Apple Watch? The Hug Shirt?

Chances are, if you actually obeyed my orders (which I know you didn’t, slacker), you would’ve raised your hand, because everyone has heard of at least one of these wearable pieces of technology.

But the truth is, the world is full of wearable gadgets that aren’t all mainstream, and most of them are pretty bloody awesome.

Like fully moveable cat ears!

Check out 7 pieces of wearable tech that you probably didn’t know existed!

The Man Bra

It’s not as weird as it sounds. In fact, athletes from the Brisbane Broncos, North Queensland Cowboys and more than a hundred other sports teams have used this activity-tracking device.

The vest, made by Australian tech company GPSports, has a built-in slot for a GPS enabled High Performance Unit with a 16G accelerometer and a heart rate monitoring chest strap.

The fitness data is then uploaded to GPSports desktop software within 20 minutes to provide coaches with detailed reports on their players training efforts.


On the exterior, CUFF pieces look like sleek jewelry, but looks can be deceiving!

CUFF is a smart device that you snap into various necklaces or bracelets that allows you to receive notifications and send your location to family and friends in case of emergency.

All you need is the device, Bluetooth and the free CUFF app.


If all your handbag does is hold your makeup, wallet and an excessive amount of old receipts, you’re not quite with the times.

These bags allow you to charge your IPhones by simply slipping them into the SmartPocket™.

Charge the bag at home and charge your phone on the go. It’s that simple.

Wireless Armour

A lot of us suffer from ONFWF: Obsessive Need For Wi-Fi.

But did you know studies have shown that the electromagnetic radiation from Wi-FI enabled devices kill sperm cells and has been linked to erectile dysfunction? This is NO BUENO.

Luckily, there’s Wireless Armour—Wi-Fi shielding men’s underwear to protect your little swimmers.

The garments use RadiaTex® material that features pure silver woven into the fabric, creating a shield against 99.9% of electromagnetic radiation.

OMsignal Bra

It only seemed fair to give the ladies some smart tech underwear to ogle over.

This sports bra is made of antimicrobial material and holds a smart box that reads your biometrics and connects to your phone via Bluetooth.

If your phone is afar, the OM Smart Box will record your data, such as heart rate, step count and breathing rate, and will stream it to your OM Smart App once you’re close to your phone again.

Pins Collective

Remember when you were a kid and collecting cool pins was practically your day job? Well, imagine if you could’ve added a digital pin to your collection!

Pins Collective lets you wear whatever design your little heart desires, whether it’s a photo, a message or an intricate pattern. You can use the same pin to wear a different pattern every single day.

Political rally? Wear your favorite candidate’s face loud and proud. Footy game? Show off your team’s emblem. Pin possibilities are endless!

Squeaker Poochlight™

Wearable technology for pets can help keep them safe when you’re not around.

Poochlight offers rechargeable, splash proof collars with dual pair LEDs and more than ten hours of battery life. Some collars even offer GPS and fitness tracking!

These light up collars allow for cars, pedestrians and cyclists to better see your dog at night, and would pretty much make it the envy of all other canines in town. Pure dog swag.