8 Careers You Didn’t Know Existed

In Australia, kids grow up wanting to become athletes, teachers or other common yet profitable professionals. In America, kids grow up wanting to become doctors, lawyers or the President of the United States.

If I had to grade society on how well they expose children to the various careers of the world, I’d fail them in a heartbeat. #sorrynotsorry

There are thousands of careers for us to pursue, but I’m willing to bet there are a handful of long-term professions most people don’t even know exist.

Check out some of the most unheard of (but REAL) careers below!


Remember all those uni textbooks you wanted to burn in a fire? Well, it’s possible that human hands bound those books! A career in bookbinding requires people who are skilled with their hands, as well as capable of using modern technology to fold, assemble, glue, sew and put a book’s cover together.

It may not be the most lucrative career, but this could be the hands-on, book-preserving career of someone’s dreams.

Food Stylist

You think those pancakes on the cover of Women’s Weekly Food made themselves look delicious? Think again! A chef may have whipped up the meal, but food stylists actually arranged the food to make the photo drool-worthy.

This unsung career is perfect for all foodies who may not have a knack for cooking, but know exactly what would make a tasty shot!

Blimp Pilot

Forget planes. Forget helicopters. Why not fly a blimp? Usually, these aircrafts are used for advertising, not for carrying passengers. Some say blimps are a thing of the past, while others believe they’ll make a big comeback in marketing.

Either way, by specialising as a blimp pilot, you separate yourself from the pack and can brag about having one of the strangest yet coolest jobs ever.

Don’t be crashing but.

Body Part Model

Do you have nice hands? Or feet? Or legs? You don’t need to have it all, but if one of your body parts is damn near perfection, then you could be a parts model!

According to Forbes, these models can earn about $1,000 per day for commercials and even more for print ads. Who knew your dainty little toes could reel you in big cash?

Ice Cream Taster

John Harrison is the spirit animal you never knew you had. This legend is a master ice cream taster and has sampled millions of gallons of the delicious dessert throughout his career.

His taste buds are so treasured that they’ve been insured for a million dollars! This career is definitely rare, but if you have a sweet tooth and a perfect palate, you could set your professional sights on this path!

Pet Food Tester

This may be another foodie career, but it’s definitely not as glamorous. However, it is possible to make a decent living testing pet food!

The job includes analysing dog and cat food for smell, taste, texture, consistency and more.

Wine Sommelier

Next time someone criticises you for your goon sack obsession, say you’re preparing for your future career as a wine sommelier.

These individuals are “wine experts” and work in restaurants to suggest the best pairings of vino and food. Those who excel in this competitive yet seldom heard of career have superb taste buds and a master memory.

Penetration Tester

It’s not what it sounds like, you dirty individual!

A career in cyber penetration testing involves finding vulnerabilities in IT systems and networks that attackers might exploit.

Contrastingly, physical penetration testers try to steal something from a business to test the security measures in place. Essentially, you could be a thief…legally!

Channel the raccoon.