9 Reasons Why it Wouldn’t Kill You to Smile

Now that the Christmas tree has been taken down and New Year’s barbecue leftovers are well and truly demolished, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on the actions of people during the Festive Season.

It seems that the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ has become the cause of much angst and frustration for a lot of people. Having worked in Customer Service for a few Christmas’ now, I have figured out a few reasons why it wouldn’t kill you to smile… Seriously…

People will be drawn to you

A simple smile can reveal more than the deepest conversation ever could. Whilst you could spend an eternity convincing someone that you are friendly and likeable, a smile takes just seconds to prove you are an optimistic and positive person.

You will light up the room

A smile is the body language equivalent of a flash mob. A big, cheerful smile will draw as much attention as breaking out into a Broadway musical number in a room full of dull, lifeless faces.

Connections with people will be stronger and more meaningful

People love to be around positive and happy people. No body wants to spend time with a life-less Liam, sad Sally, dull David or boring Bob.

Smiling is key in establishing strong interpersonal relationships because people will always feel more open to communicate and share ideas with those who bring a sense of life to an otherwise uneventful situation.

You are most attractive when you smile

No matter how self-conscious you are about your smile, don’t let it stop you from putting your pearly whites out on display. Whether your smile is straight out of a Colgate ad or your have yellow buck teeth, its not the physical smile that makes you attractive, but it is meaning behind the smile that makes you the sexy beast that you are!

Smiling implies that you are fun and energetic, positive and optimistic, some of the most attractive qualities in my book! So with that being said, don’t stress the imperfections because they go totally unnoticed when the light inside you shines out.

You will be more memorable

Most people carry themselves with a neutral facial expression. Next time you are in a room full of people, check out the number of people who have a smile on their face compared to those who look like they have just had a months worth of botox in one session.

I am certain that you will be more inclined to remember the face of the person who looks resilient, welcoming and kind, rather than the bland, boring person who blends into the crowd.

Energy levels will be raised

Raising the energy of the people around you, whether it’s your employee, colleague, or friend, takes skill and practice.

Thankfully, a lively energy can be achieved simply through smiling. Think about it logically, who wants to be around a leader or team member who looks like they are at a funeral?

You will make other people smile

Well they say smiling is infectious and it couldn’t be more true. Have you ever noticed that when you smile whilst talking, the conversation seems to flow better because you are both genuinely enjoying yourselves?

That is because people usually mirror what they see. Hence, when you are happy, the people around you are normally happy too. And if you ask me, that’s one disease worth spreading!

You were born to smile (like, no joke)

Babies are born with the ability to smile despite not being able to walk or talk. I guess the point I am trying to make here is that smiling is a basic human instinct.

As we grow, our emotional intelligence and ability to communicate how we feel develops and by the time we are adults, we tend to over complicate this.

Keep it simple, stupid and if you feel happy, just smile. It’s such a basic method of communicating that even a screaming baby can do it.

It drives people mad

To anyone who works in customer service, your greatest weapon is without a doubt, your smile!Next time you are dealing with a worked up, angry or just down right cranky customer, the best thing you can do is to show some teeth and exaggerate that amazing smile of yours!

It will drive them up the wall and give you just as much satisfaction as yelling and screaming at them, without getting fired!