9 Things It's Just Worth Skimping On (No Matter How Much Money You're Trying to Save)

9 Things It’s Just Not Worth Skimping On (No Matter How Much You’re Trying to Save)

As we grow older we figure out what is worth spending our hard earned money on. Travel, education and good wine spring to mind, just to name a few.

We also learn what we can give up, go without or where we can just opt for a cheaper alternative (in my case that includes $40 scented candles and $70 gym tanks).

However, no matter how much money is in your savings account, some things just bring too much happiness to worry about how much you’re spending on them. Here are a few of mine.

  1. Books

Books ignite creativity and imagination, tools that will serve you in both your personal and professional life.

Sure it is cheaper to borrow books from the library or find the PDF somewhere online, but who doesn’t love cozying up in bed with a great read and the feeling of physically turning a page. They look great on your bookshelf too.

  1. Concert tickets

If an artist or particular group’s music inspires, invigorates or excites you it is most definitely worth paying for tickets, as you may never have the opportunity to see them perform again.

I feel really bad for whoever said they will see Nirvana next time they tour.

  1. A comfortable pillow

Quality sleep will produce quality results in all areas of your life.

You will feel happier and more energetic after getting a good night’s sleep and a great new pillow means no more finding those random feathers in your bed from the pillow you have had since you were a kid.


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  1. Health foods

For me, avoiding the health food store for a month could probably fund a fun weekend away with my girlfriends.

Knowing I have $20 Acai powder or a $12 bar of raw vegan chocolate sitting in the pantry makes me feel much more motivated to exercise and be active because I know that money could be spent on more important things. You literally are paying for motivation, but hey… it works!

  1. Headphones

Don’t ever be that person on the train who forgets their headphones yet plays their music out loud.

A pair of good quality headphones can provide you with a minute of peace and quiet during a busy day or can be used to subtly imply you don’t want to be spoken to. Great for knuckling down at the office.

  1. Once in a lifetime opportunities

Tell me more about how you went to NYC but didn’t see a Broadway show because it was ‘too expensive’.

We all know travel can provide unique learning experiences and if done on a budget, all the better!

However, it’s the experiences during these travels that add spice and variety to life and make for the greatest stories and memories, and chances are you won’t ever regret the money you spent seeing that show.

I went to broadway and all I got was a photo of this street sign.

I went to broadway and all I got was a photo of this street sign.

  1. A reusable water bottle

You know the ones… the BPA Free, filter inclusive, $19 ones?

They are an investment piece, especially for people on the go. Ok, yes it sounds ridiculous spending good money on a water bottle, but think about it.

If you put $3.50 into a vending machine for a bottle of water four times a week, thats enough for a one way plane ticket to Dubai by the end of the year. Your choice.

  1. Your dream wedding

If you have dreamt about your wedding day your entire life and feel it will make you a better partner then why skimp on it?

So many young couples are ditching a wedding altogether purely because of the expense, but the web is jam packed with money saving tips for your big day.

You can have a Kim K style wedding on a DIY budget thanks to Pinterest!

  1. Things that put a smile on your face

No, I am not referring to $10 Monday margaritas.

I mean the things that make you excited to get up out of bed with a smile on your face, the things that make you feel inspired and motivated.

If that means spending $20 a week on a yoga class that leaves you feeling renewed and excited for the week ahead, then by all means, go for it. Or if you are a film student and going to see that new indie flick every fortnight inspires you to create a story then why wouldn’t you?

Life is short, and some things are just not worth skimping on.

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