9 Things That Happen When You Become Positive

You become fearless

When you switch on a positive attitude, you care less about what people think and more about your own happiness.

A positive attitude gives you courage and empowerment which ultimately makes it easier for you to attract the right people and opportunities.

You take less shit

In becoming positive, you gain self worth and value. By valuing yourself and everything that you are, you are more capable of blocking out the bullshit and focusing your time and energy on the things that will get you to where you want to be.

You gain energy

When you become positive, positive things come to you. Even the smallest amount of progress or improvement can work in your favour by energising and motivating you.

When you change your mental attitude to one of positivity, you feel energetic and motivated to achieve your goals.

You brush things off

Truth be told, even the most positive of people have to deal with shitty individuals and situations. By approaching these with a sense of positivity, you are less likely to overreact and overthink.

You learn to take things with a grain of salt and trials and tribulations seem to slide away like water off a ducks back.

You think clearer

When you are positive, you are intentful and focused. The things that would usually distract you just melt away.

Your thoughts are crystallised and your ability to think with precision increases enormously. Positivity also does a world of wonders for creativity.

You look better

You know what they say; when you feel good, you look good. Your new attitude will reflect aesthetically through the smile on your face, sparkle in your eye and spring in your step.

Positive people carry themselves in a way that draws the like-minded to them. I guess you could say positive people have a ‘good vibe’ about them and who wants carry bad vibes. Ew.

You become more productive

Positivity equals productivity in my book. You get through work easier and faster because you recognise that eating the frog will allow you to spend time doing the things that nourish your soul and fill your heart with everything that is good with the world.

 You make better decisions

When you gain positivity, you gain clarity. You become more receptive to the feelings of others, but you are also more connected to your own.

You are more capable of making decisions that will have a positive impact on all areas of your life.

Be like Kanye, but don’t be a dick.

You get what you give

In this day and age, we tend to forget the importance of body language. The amount of times I have seen my girlfriends sitting at the bar with their shoulders hunched over, stirring their drink, is countless. Then they wonder why they end up with seedy guys ridden with negativity.

Nor can I count the amount of times my mother has told me that ‘you get back what you give out’.

So to put it simply, the key is to remember that when you radiate positivity, you are drawing positive people to you. There is something about seeing someone so high on life that their smile just beams with passion and enthusiasm.

They are the people that everyone wants to be around. They are the people that make shit happen and find success. So don’t be that girl at the bar who sits there miserably, be the girl who sits up straight and looks so happy that it makes you feel happy too!