All-round Top Bloke Bill Gates Reckons That We Can End Poverty by 2030

The exceedingly wealthy founder of Microsoft and wizard of optimism Bill Gates is pretty darn sure that poverty will be crushed by the year 2030.

He made the statement last Wednesday in an essay published on Project Syndicate, spruiking his views on what will require a worldwide effort.

Since the turn of the century, “Maternal deaths have almost halved; child mortality and malaria deaths have halved; extreme poverty has more than halved,” says the Microsoft overlord.

Whatcha thinkin’ about?

Furthermore, the Gates Foundation has heavily supported the Global Fund project which has saved seventeen million lives from AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Rad!

When you look at those stats, it’s hard not to be infected with Bill’s heady optimism.

“We are confident that this is not only possible, but that we will see major breakthroughs along the way, which will provide unprecedented opportunities to people in poor countries. Indeed, we think their lives will improve faster in the next 15 years than at any other time in history — and that their lives will improve more than anyone else’s”

But like everything in life, there’s a catch. Well, a few, actually; the whole world needs to work together to combat the infectious diseases that effect third world countries the most. That sounds reasonable enough, but the anti-vaxxers aren’t exactly doing their part, are they?

The worldwide treatment of women and girls also needs to improve greatly, particularly around health care and family-planning services availability.

Poorer countries also need to have access to cheap technology, as these are said to be key drivers for the reduction of poverty. This would also give them access to dank memes.

With so much riding on back of global cooperation, an area that us humans aren’t exactly adept at executing, it is hopeful to see such an influential figure display this kind of grand optimism.

Whether or not we can pull it off might be uncertain, but I’ve got my money on Gates, ruler of the Windows, giver of MS Paint, master of Minesweeper. Praise him.