The App That Tells You How Much You Earn While Pooping at Work

If you’ve ever wondered how much money you’re making while on the throne at work, you’re clearly not alone.

Poop lord Stephen Looney has answered the question with his app Log-Log, which calculates how much sweet cash you’re making while you get down to some other serious business throughout your workday.

Once you’ve downloaded the app to your phone, you simply fill in the details including name, the company you work for and your pay. It will even let you enter an hourly rate or annual salary, because of course you can. This is serious business.

Once you’re ready to roll, tap the little poop icon to start the timer then feel free to close the app, as it will “automatically conclude once you’ve unleashed your potential”. While it isn’t explicitly clear how this is achieved, we can assume it has something to do with GPS tracking, as the App Store page warns of leaving it running.

“Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. You’ve been warned! Don’t go Log-Loggin’ all day now! Or if you do, bring a charger!”

The Hip Pocket spoke with Log-Log user and poop-enthusiast Tom Doy about his experiences with the app. When deciding on whether he should poop at home or on the clock, he says the “choice was an obvious one”.

“Then I thought, I’m essentially getting paid to poop. Instead of working out the math myself, I hopped on the App Store and typed in poop,” he said.

“Then I found Log-Log. Genius name for a genius idea.”

Tom’s favourite aspect of the powerful app is earning trophies for his efforts.

“I feel like I’ve accomplished something great here,” he said.

poop badge

On top of the trophies, the data from your ventures is graphed out for you, so you can keep track of your cumulative earnings and average poop statistics over the long-term. BUSINESS!

To conclude, what a time to be alive. We’ll leave you with the wise words of the product’s App Store page, because we really can’t top them.

“Elegant data. Powerful analytics. Log-Log.”

Happy pooping!