Apple Sells 574 iPhones a Second

Last year we suggested that fanboys and gadget geeks everywhere should get ready, because Apple was gearing up for one helluva new iPhone release.

Today we found out how huge that release has been. And wow, just wow.

The US tech giant sold 74.4 million iPhones in the last three months of last year. That’s about 826,000 every day, 34,000 an hour or 574 a second. A second.

That’s a lot of phones, and money, when you’re selling them for an average price of US$687 a pop.

The monster sales result was 46 per cent better than the year prior and underpinned an incredible US$74.6 billion in sales for the last three months of the year. The profit on those sales wasn’t too bad either at $18 billion.

In fact, according to Wikipedia – take that source as you will – it was the most money made in a quarter by any company, ever.

Apple shares (AAPL) were up 5.4 per cent in after hours trading on the NASDAQ last night, at $115.04 per share.