Are You Transfinancial?

“My name is Michael, and with all this talk about transgender and transracial issues I think it is time to come clean with my secret. I’m transfinancial, and that means I am a rich man born in a poor man’s body. Please help me overcome my identity issues…..thank you.”


That’s the pitch for a crowdfunding campaign being run on GoFundMe at the moment.

The man battling these financial identity issues is hoping to raise $5 million to help overcome them.

So far, he’s been backed to the tune of $442 and received an overwhelming stream of support.

“I’m sitting here, in tears, rocking back and forth on my couch because FINALLY there is someone who understands what it’s like to be transfinancial,” says one backer.

Michael, pondering his predicament.

Michael, pondering his predicament.

“I think that’s very brave and I’m sure one day you’ll be at a point where your actual financial situation is in agreement with your true financial identity,” says another.

“In the meantime, perhaps you can experiment with some Gucci-knock offs, hang out in the better parts of town, perhaps take up golf and keep telling truly poor people they should work harder to become more like you.”

It’s great to see such a strong sense of community and acknowledgement for this previously undiagnosed affliction.

If you suffer from a transfinancial condition, you can read Michael’s story and share your support here.

Image: halfrain, via Flickr