Ashton Kutcher Talks Best Investment (And It’s Something Even You Can Afford)

What do romantic comedies, dashing good looks and tech investments have in common? Ashton Kutcher, that’s what.

Well, some of you (with poor taste) may disagree with the second point, but there’s no doubt the actor turned entrepreneur has successfully manoeuvred his way into the investing world.

Kutcher co-founded venture capital firm A-Grade Investments, dropped millions into companies like Uber and Airbnb and co-founded A Plus, one of the most popular viral websites in the United States, among other accomplishments.

Despite his effective tech ventures, Kutcher considers his best investment to be his relationships.  And no, he doesn’t just mean the lovey dovey kind. (We’re looking at you, Mila.)

“…taking the time to get to know [people], what motivates them, what their challenges are. These things are often overlooked.” Kutcher told Grow.

“Investors get so wrapped up in returns and numbers that they forget that the true privilege of their position is to share a journey with exceptional people.”

Ahh, finally a piece of investing advice that doesn’t have to cost a single dollar!

In fact, investing in relationships is something anyone can capitalise on throughout life.

Still in uni? Making a good and lasting impression on one of your professors could mean a killer job recommendation down the line.

Don’t know a fellow staff member well? You may want to ask them out for coffee and get to know them beyond, “that bloke who always wears those wacky pants.”

You may find you can go to him for all things math. Or he’ll reveal that he hates pizza, and in that case, never count on him for anything because who in their right mind hates pizza?

Though it seems Kutcher is making all the right moves with his investments, he hasn’t always been this savvy.

He said one thing he’d tell his younger self is to not spend, “until you have very a clear plan with benchmarks for success and failure.”

Basically, think about what could go right and what could go wrong with your investment without letting your enthusiasm get in the way. “Optimism is priceless, but only when coupled with measurement,” he said.

If you’re also wondering what to invest in, Kutcher has an answer for that, too.

“First: Yourself! Double down on your own expertise, your passion, the thing you do when you have free time,” he said.

“Invest in that which you would like to see become a reality. Worst-case scenario, you lose money, but at least you will get the life you want.”

Kick off the new year with a plan to invest in yourself, in your relationships and in some Netflix time to binge-watch all things Ashton Kutcher. You’ll thank me later for that last one.


Feature Image: Fox