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Australia at Risk of Becoming World’s Dumbest Nation, Says Canadian

Canadian media figure and founder of the Monocle and Wallpaper magazines Tyler Brule has some harsh opinions on the state of modern-day Australia.

Speaking as part of the Vivid festival in Sydney, Brule said “this country [Australia] is on the verge of becoming the world’s dumbest nation… There will be a collapse of common sense here if health and safety wins out on every single discussion”.

The comments stemmed from an incident where Brule was pulled up for drinking a glass of wine outside his Monocle pop-up store in Surry Hills. He also referenced Sydney’s controversial lock out laws, where bars are forced to close their doors to patrons at 1:30am, as well as heavy council restrictions on outdoor dining.


Vivid. It does alright. Image Paxtons Camera, Flickr.

“If you want to be globally attractive, you do need to have bars open until whatever hour of the day,” Brule said.

The concept of Australia as a nanny state is nothing new.

Mark Webber famously attacked Australia’s rules and regulations during the 2010 Melbourne Grand Prix, saying ”I think we’ve got to read an instruction book when we get out of bed… what we can do and what we can’t do”.

And Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former Governator of the world’s eighth-largest economy California, was recently pulled up for not wearing a helmet while cycling through Melbourne.

During his speech, Brule joked that “Soon you’re going to apply for your visa from overseas and you’re going to get a hard hat and you’re going to get a vest to wear before you get on the plane”. And the scary thing is, he may not be far off.

The Vivid Light, Music & Ideas Festival is a yearly event which illuminates Sydney’s famous landmarks like the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and, ahem, Chatswood mall with a frankly amazing art and lights show. It attracts prominent speakers and musicians from around the world.

vivid tree

Building –> tree. Magic. Image Sacha Fernandez, Flickr.

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Main image: New Media Days, Flickr