Cadbury Cuts Block Size, And You’re Gonna Pay For It

Put down your cuppa. Cadbury’s famous purple packets of chocolate are about to be cut by a row as costs apparently spiral out of control.

The company today announced plans to reduce the size of its family blocks of chocolate by about 10 per cent to save on rising packaging and raw material costs. And looking at cocoa costs, they might have a point.



“We had to make a tough decision: increase the recommended price of Cadbury family blocks, or decrease the size? We chose to keep Cadbury chocolate affordable for families across Australia and reduce our family blocks by one row,” the company said in a statement.

So, despite the shrinkage, you’ll still be getting stung the recommended retail price of $4.99.


The World is Running Out of Chocolate


It’s been a relatively rollercoaster ride for the big family block, which was reduced from 250 grams to 200 grams in 2009, before being picked back up to 220 grams in 2013 after customers stamped their starving feet.

Whether we’ll get as vocal about this latest slide in serving size is hard to say, but it should serve as a reminder to be a bit more prudent about pricing when you hit the supermarket this week.

Grocers are now required to show the cost per litre, kilogram, 100 millilitres, 100 grams, 10 grams or per item, depending on the type of product. By paying attention to these figures rather than the bright 2 for 1 signs or air-balloon-like-packaging, you can make an accurate comparison of what you’re paying for each product.

The parent company of Cadbury, Mondelez International, also owns big-selling brands Vegemite, Kraft, Red Tulip and The Natural Confectionery Co., so we’ll be keeping an eye on these prices for you too.

Image: Rob Warde, via Flickr