So You Can Now Cash in Your Annual Leave for Actual Cash Money

If you’re the all-work-no-play type of employee, it should be pleasing to learn that you can now cash in all that unused annual leave you’ve accrued for cold, hard dollarydoos.

Taking effect this week, one of the many new Fair Work Commission clauses allows workers to cash out a maximum of two weeks annual leave, providing they still have at least four weeks leave available after doing so.

Before you run to your boss demanding an extra payday, there needs to be written permission from both you and your employer, and you’ll only be able to do it once a year.

The move has sparked debate about whether the new clause gives too much power to employers to force workers to use their annual leave, leaving them and workplace conditions mad stressed.

Like many, Reddit user Farisr9k is wary of the potential social implications of such an action.

“As long as it doesn’t turn into a – “Can you believe Sarah is lazy enough to actually use her annual leave rather than cash it out and work all year round like the rest of us? I don’t see her lasting much longer here” – situation – I’m fine with this,” they said.

Australian Council of Trade Union secretary Dave Oliver says his concerns are with the wellbeing of employees.

“The union movement is concerned that the decision by the Fair Work Commission supports the idea that annual leave need not be taken and should be treated as a commodity rather than an entitlement designed to maintain the health and wellbeing of the workforce,” he said.

On the other end of the proverbial office, business leaders are stoked with the introduction of more flexible work arrangements, but were simultaneously bummed out about not getting everything they wanted.

“While employers did not get everything they wanted, the reasonable changes will help businesses better manage annual leave,” said Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief James Pearson.

So if you hate time off and value legal tender, cash in your excess leave for a bit of cheeky dosh. Just remember to be kind to yourself, ya workaholic.

Source: SMH