Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget

This is a pretty common pickle, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are three tricks to deal with having a penchant for things bigger than your purse.

Because the only #champagneproblem you should have is choosing which one to drink.

Get Expensive Things Cheaply

If you’re after lobster and caviar, go to the fish market. If you’re after designer clothes, get them on sale.

Missy Confidential lists men’s and women’s warehouse, sample and online sales, which are well worth checking out. If you’re after computers or tech, think about demo or refurbished models. Apple sell refurbished models that are all tested and certified and come with a 1-year warranty.

For bigger things like cars, white-goods and furniture, there are some great auction places around, so jump on Google and find your local auctioneer. There are also ex-government car sales, so head here to find out more.


This is about compromising with yourself, really. Until you start making bigger bucks or lower your sights a little, you’re going to have to compromise until the two are more aligned.

Instead of eating out for dinner most weeknights, try and cook a few more meals at home. If your friends are planning heaps of trips away to the snow or overseas, try and choose only one to go on. If the FOMO doesn’t kill you, you’ll be better off financially at least.

Rather than impulse buying something now, meet halfway and tell yourself you’ll buy it next week if it’s still there and still want it. Also steer clear of places you can’t leave without buying something. It helps to have a financial goal in mind for when you’re feeling tempted to spend unnecessarily.

And don’t shop for fun. Nothing good ever came from shopping for fun.

Own It

If all else fails, make the decision to lower your taste – not standards – and own it. Cheap beer, an old car and living at home isn’t that bad. As long as you’re working towards something bigger and better – a place of your own, a trip overseas – there’s no shame in living not-so-large for a while.

People are pretty understanding if they know you’re on a budget, so don’t try and fake it ’til you make it.