Cheers to the Weekend: Boozing on a Budget

Look, I’m not here to advocate for irresponsible drinking or anything, but we’re on the cusp of the weekend and if you’re like me, you don’t get paid until next week. That leaves us in a sticky situation – how to have a good time on a tight budget.

And let’s be honest, neither of us are going anywhere that charges over $5 for a schooner or has a cover charge, so that leaves your house, a friend’s house or even a nice park to host your good times.

Of course, I’m past drinking to black-out point – we’re much better than that – but I still love to kick back with a vino or three after a long week. So to see what fine selection my light wallet and I have to choose from this weekend, I perused the online catalogue of cheap booze at Dan Murphy’s because in times of need, Uncle Dan always has your back.

Let’s have a look at a bit of everything.

Cleanskin SEA Cabernet Merlot DM3 – $3.99 per bottle

For those that love a spot of red on a Friday night, Cleanskins knows what’s up. According to the Dan Murphy’s page, this wine exhibits “good clean fruit characters with just a hint of oak character.”

But don’t take my word for it, let’s have a look at some consumer reviews. Kai from Sydney gives it five stars!

“We bought a few of these for a function and had a few friends comment on how palatable it was. Pretty easy drinking wine and certainly very good value,” his review reads.

Another five-star review by user ‘php’ says the wine pairs brilliantly with a rich meat.

Whack this in a carafe, enjoy with some Spag Bol, and the snobs’ll be scratching their arses!

It’s a maybe not so fruity Merlot, with a hint of dryness, that’ll compliment any Italian dish,” he says. Delizioso!

Watercolour Rosé –  $4.99 per bottle

For the drinker that can’t decide, this Rosé will surly give you the best of both worlds. “Pink in colour with strawberry notes and flavours,” according to Uncle Dan’s description.

User ‘retroflower’ gave the drop a satisfactory four stars.

“I was really surprised how nice this wine is considering the price. I bought to try because I’ve always got friends that drop round and drink lots of wine and I’m on a budget so I thought I’d give this ago. I will buy again.”

And as I always say, “pink wine, feelin’ fine”. Do with that what you will.

Hocus Pocus Semillon Sauvignon Blanc – $5.00 per bottle

With a name like Hocus Pocus, this fine little bottle will bring the magic back to your sem savvy B.

“Hocus Pocus Sem Sauv Blanc is crisp and fresh with lively citrus flavours,” says the product page.

Reviewer ‘QldKev’ says the magic is lost on him in his two-star review.

“Cheap is cheap, you get what you pay for. Wont run out and buy it again.”

Wine on, Kev, wine on.

Golden Oak Fruity White Cask 4L – $9.99

Crown of the Hills Hoist. King of value. Fruity Lexia, it makes you sexier.

When talking about budget drinking, I simply can’t pass up an opportunity to spruik the joys of Golden Oak, as there are many.

“Got a bit of a sweet tooth? Golden Oak’s Fruity Lexia is perfect for those who like their whites on the sweeter side with luscious tropical fruit backbone,” croons Uncle Dan.

Keith and Callum from Melbourne give the all-star cask a solid five stars.

“My cousin Keith and I sometimes like to treat ourselves to a naughty glass or two of white on a Sunday afternoon. Golden Oak provides the crisp taste myself and Keith desire. 5 big stars in my book, from Callum and Keith.

Fair dinkum boys, bloody good on ya!

Victoria Bitter $15.99 per six

Sure, there are cheaper beers, but it’s a long weekend and you really can’t go past the Very Best when it’s time to let your hair down.

Sporting some decent value for money, it’s “the great taste brewed to deliver full-bodied flavour when ice cold, will quench any hard earned thirst.” Oath m8.

I love a good VB, but probably not as much as Shano from Queensland. He gives the Veebs a five-star rating.

“Big cold beer the best cold beer is vic! Taste like a hard days work dreaming about cracking coldie since 12. You can get it lifting you can get it shifting. After a hard days work and tools down nothing is better.


You bloody beauty, Shano!

Woodstock Bourbon & Cola 660ml – $8.99 per bottle

Now that we’ve hit the spirits, there’s no turning back. For those that tend to shy away from beer, but despise the UDL. Enter, the Woodstock.

“One of Australia’s favourite Bourbon and Cola premixes because of the great authentic Bourbon taste at such a value-for-money price.”

Claire from Brisbane gives it a cracking four stars.

“The taste is fairly good and it goes down smoother than the standard version of Woodstock.”

Nice one Claire, your enthusiasm is radiant.

Tequila 125 700ml – $37.99 per bottle

Arriba, arriba! Here comes tequila to ruin everyone’s night! Or kick it up by at least ten units of fun. Dealers choice.

Uncle Dan says Tequila 125 “offers a warm, robust palate.” Muy Bueno!

Reviewer Beerluver234 says whilst disgusting in taste, the value is worth a two-star rating.

“What can I say about Tequila 125…YUCK! I’m not a connoisseur of Tequila but I know when something obviously tastes like a base alcohol with spirit essence added. There is a hint of Tequila flavour but not enough to make it passable. The only saving aspect is price. This might be the cheapest Tequila there is and can only recommend to use in cocktails that don’t feature Tequila as a main ingredient.”

So if you’re looking to-kill-a your liver or just spruce up your party punch, this is most likely what you’re after. Adios amigos! Always remember to drink responsibly!

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