Christmas is Coming

The key to crushing your Christmas shopping list is starting early, and new research shows the majority of Australians have finally cottoned on to this hot tip.

Shopping centre colossus Stockland, who knows a thing or two about shopping habits, has released survey results showing 64 per cent of people will be giving early thought to all or at least some of the people on their Christmas gift list this year.

And, like wise financial wizards, they’re acting on these thoughts too.

The same research found that 55 per cent of people started their Christmas shopping in October and 22 per cent are kicking things off in November. This means more time to score sweet deals and de-stress the whole process too.


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How does all that spending stack up?

The majority (42 per cent) of people surveyed expect to spend between $500 to $1,000 on their Christmas shopping, while nearly one-third of respondents have whittled their budget to below $500. The final 29% of respondents are unnecessarily extravagant, expecting to spend between $1,000 and $5,000.

That sort of attitude underpins predictions from the Australian Retailers Association for an estimated 4.3 per cent jump in spending between November 15 and December 24 over the same period last year. Which, nationally, comes to a booming $45 billion bill.

You’d think that would cover it.

But amid the spending splurge, we still fail to fill our Christmas lists, with 76 per cent of people forgetting one or multiple items.

To make sure you don’t become a statistic, here’s a list of the most commonly forgotten items:


1. Batteries (33 per cent)


2. A particular fruit or vegetable (32 per cent)


3. Presents (30 per cent)


4. Sticky tape (26 per cent)


5. Gift tags (20 per cent)


So consider yourself wised-up and strike these suspects off the list early on… Except maybe the particular fruit or vegetable.

And to save your skin on the bill, be sure to flick through any rewards programs you’re party to.

Supermarket rewards programs, department store loyalty cards and frequent flyer programs can be great sources of cash-free-gift-getting, so review your balance and see what’s on offer.

Christmas is coming.

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Feature Image: Nathan Proudlove, via Flickr.

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