Funny Money: Questionable Financial Advice From Comedians (videos)

I feel like when you’re growing up and you dream of what you want to be, adults often subtly point you in the direction of a ‘proper’ job and not an ‘artistic’ job, as we all know creative pursuits are unstable and pay no money, right?

I also think ‘Comedian’ would be up the top of the ‘unwise unstable and hard to make money out of jobs’ list, because these talented people blessed with wit usually make either  a lot or very little money from their chosen vocation.

But given their experiences from all ends of the wealth spectrum I find sometimes they’re the best people to listen to about money, whether that’s for advice or to turn your tears of despair as you cry into your morning cereal looking at your bank balance into tears of laughter.

Russell Peters

The Man knows a thing or two about the art of negotiating and getting a bargain, albeit being slightly racist while doing it.

Louis CK

Do not, under any circumstances, shop when you have no money. It’s just embarrassing for everyone involved.

Aziz Ansari

Aziz’s most memorable character, Tom Haverford is full of shit business ideas. The lesson here is to stay on your grind and keep coming up with ideas that could one day make you rich, you never know. And in the meantime… Treat Yo Self.

treat yo self

Jerry Seinfeld

Without a doubt the richest comedian ever – the guy has a whole parking garage to house his $15 million car collection – maybe he has a few lessons up his sleeve to bestow upon us peasants.

Here are his thoughts on investing.

Kitty Flanagan

Kids are expensive, like really expensive. $600,000 expensive. No wonder only children are so spoiled with all the extra money their parents have to spend on them. Or you could not have any children and spoil yourself.

Broad City

Abi and Ilana, my TV spirit animals are scarily too relatable when it comes to life’s mishaps, including a visit to the friendly neighbourhood accountant. FYI, it pays to keep your paperwork in order.

Louis CK

Ah Louis, such a sad funny little man that can often make you feel really good about your situation. He’s back with this gem of a line, “You ever get so broke the bank starts charging you money for being broke?” Sadly, yes.


Kevin Hart

Stay in your financial lane:

“You start to make money, when you make money, you meet other people that make money… you want to hang out with these people, but naturally you want to spend money the way that they spend money but then you realise you don’t make the same type of money that these f***ing people make.”

Sound familiar, wannabe ballers of the world?

Main pic: Alan Light, Flickr