Is travel all its cracked up to be?

Couple Quit Their Well Paying Jobs to Travel, Now Scrub Toilets

South African couple Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dirnberger made global headlines earlier this year when they ditched their high-flying advertising jobs, sold all of their possessions and went travelling.

They’ve been documenting their experiences on their travel blog, How Far From Home, pulling together a collection of highly marketable Instagram snaps with signs showing how far away they are from Johannesburg.

The snaps have earned the couple a hefty 100,000 followers, probably because packing it all in to go on a hedonistic globe trotting adventure is the not-so-secret fantasy of pretty much every desk-bound white collar worker in the Western world.

And these guys did it. They actually went and DID it. And from the looks of their Instagram account, they’re having a pretty amazing time.

Well, maybe not all the time.

Their latest blog post suggests that, despite the catalogue of envy-inducing photos, the globe trotting lifestyle isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Since embarking on their travels six months ago, Chanel and Stevo estimate they’ve scrubbed 135 toilets, spread 250 kilos of cow dung, shovelled 2 tons of rocks , laid 60 metres of pathway, made 57 beds and polished an unknown (but extensive) number of  wine glasses.

On top of that, an extremely tight budget means that their diet consists mainly of jam crackers, they get around five hours of sleep a night before heading off to various back breaking jobs, and they seem to have ditched toothpaste in favour of floss.

But those photos are pretty good though. Here’s another.

Despite the hardships they’re enduring, the couple are staying positive.

As Chanel says in her latest post, “There’s nothing quite like swapping million rand advertising budgets for toilet scrubbing to teach you about humility, life and the importance of living each day as if it were your last”.

Something for the rest of us to keep in mind as we sit at our desk day-dreaming about travel. Now, what’s for lunch?

Main image: Unsplash