Would You Rather go to the Dentist or Look for a New Job?

A new survey by job site CareerOne has found a huge 75 per cent of Aussies would rather go to the dentist than look for a new job.

Yep, that’s how painful the job hunt can be.

Thirty-five per cent of respondents said job hunting was painfully boring, while 31 per cent said it was uninformative. A large part of that is down to the job ads themselves, with job hunters saying one of their biggest gripes is not knowing what company they are applying to, thanks to generic and recruiter ads.

So it all comes down to transparency. More than half of those surveyed said the job wasn’t what they envisioned when applying and going to the interview, over 55 per cent of respondents said they would like more insight into the company before applying for a role and 63 per cent  believe job ads do not provide enough information on the core value and culture of the business.

As well as those factors, the majority of Aussies (70 per cent) say that an overall negative experience will deter them from buying a company’s product or using their service in the future, and part of that lies in the application process.

A bad job application experience impacts brand power, and this isn’t just about whether or not they get the job. Things such as not even getting an application acknowledged is another big complaint job seekers have.

No wonder the dentist looks like the easier option.

“We’ve listened to Australian job seekers and the message is loud and clear: their current experience on job sites sucks and we’re determined to do something about it. Job seekers, particularly millennials, crave a connection with the company’s values and culture to make an informed decision about their next career move,” said CareerOne CEO Ben Foote.

Here’s hoping those ads start to give a bit more useful information.

Main pic: Shannon O’Toole via Flickr.