5 Money Lessons From The World’s Top DJ’s

If you break a job down to pay per minute and fun had while working, being a DJ would probably be the top of the list.

DJs are people who get paid to play music at parties or festivals for a mere hour or two at a time, and are most likely younger and richer than any of you schmucks reading this. Which is why the number of DJs in the world is growing exponentially every year.

That’s not to say DJs don’t put some hard work in behind the scenes preparing sets and producing their own music, but in the spectrum of vocations, it’s a pretty good one. Overheads are kept low (you basically need a good laptop and a few other pieces of equipment), being self-taught is the norm, and travelling the world is paid for one set at a time.

Plus, DJs at the top of their game are making some pretty pennies. Calvin Harris topped the Forbes Electronic Dance Music Cash Kings list for a second year in a row last year with a cool $66 mill earned in 2014 alone.

Sidenote: now that he’s Taylor’s new boo, their combined net worth sits around $246 million, so I bet there will be some good Christmas presents floating around the Tayvin/Caylor household this year.

In light of these ludicrous sums, what financial lessons can I learn from the brains of these electronic maestros, addled as they are by very loud noises and possibly other things? Well let’s find out…


Take good care of your things

If you keep your valuables in good condition and treat them well, they are likely to last longer and therefore reduce the risk of you paying for maintenance, repairs or replacements. Avoid draining your finances with these unnecessary expenses by taking the utmost care with your things.

Invest wisely

When choosing an investment make sure to analyse the market and work out the expense versus the return you can expect to earn from said investment. With that in mind, cars are terrible investments as they have one of the highest rates of depreciation than almost any other asset and can be quite difficult to get rid of in the resale market.

Know your worth

In the job market what we think we’re worth and what we get paid can sometime be two very different things. If you think you’ve being undervalued and underpaid, make it clear that if there is no prospect of meeting your (realistic) expectations then you will take your skills elsewhere.

Make people pay for you

Ironically the rich and famous get given a lot of things for free, despite the fact that they are the most able to be throwing around their cash. They become accustomed to this free ride lifestyle, or could just be trolling everyone into buying them things, a la Deadmau5 in every episode of his ‘Coffee Run’ series.

Be the best at what you do

Everyone knows that working hard to be at the top of your field pays off. Dedication to a vocation rewards you in various ways, not just monetary, but of course that always helps.

If you can’t achieve that, at least try and make it look like you know what you’re doing and look good while you’re doing it. I mean if Paris Hilton can get paid $350,000 a night to pretend to DJ, it can give hope to the rest of us.