Doing New Years Eve on a Budget 

New Years Eve – the most over hyped and under delivered event of the whole year.

And with the unnecessary hassle comes the overpriced activities and beverages that really punctuate the night, especially if you’re group of friends want to head into the overcrowded bars and clubs of the city.

While pretty much everything is going to cost you something – a symptom of the cold, cold world we live in – you can get away with doing New Years Eve on a minimal spend if you keep it clever.

Be the designated driver

I know, not a good start, but you are contributing to other peoples happiness in a way that can only be viewed as heroic.

You could even make some money by charging your friends a small premium for your service. Have fun with it by demanding that they call you El Capitan all night and wear a really cool hat.

Not all hero’s wear capes.

You guys

Find a house party

Walk outside at around 8:30pm and listen carefully. You should by this time feel the vibrations of loud music and the cheers of many intoxicated people coming from the nearest house party.

If you hear nothing, you live in a boring neighbourhood.

Hone in on the party and approach cautiously. If it’s an open house, get in there and make some friends, if it’s not, ask them politely if you can join in, but try not to be a pest about it.

If they say no, move on to the next source of yahooing drunkards and repeat.

Remember to always consult Andrew WK for the best party advise.

Forecast is looking good

Have a house party

This one has the potential to be expensive, but not if you’re a party-savvy go-getter like myself.

Get your friends to pitch in for party supplies and secure any valuables. If you have a back yard, thats even better!

Invite your pals around on a BYO basis and crank some tunes. As long as nothing expensive gets broken, you’ve gotten away with a reasonably cheap party without even leaving the house.

Just make sure your invites don’t get out of hand, lest you end up like this bloke.


Keep it low key

Let’s face it, New Years Eve is an overrated celebration where we abuse our bodies as much as possible, all for a mere ten second countdown and a hangover that Charlie Sheen would be proud of.

When it comes down to it, we’re just partying for the clocks.

Time to party

Why do we need to drink enough to smell like a brewery for weeks when we can just keep it casual, invite your close friends around, have some quiet drinks and make fun of whoever’s hosting the fireworks on TV?

Some of the greatest times are the ones where you don’t have to try and as a bonus, you won’t have to deal with the ridiculous crowds of the general public.