“I don't want no scrub. A scrub is a guy that can't get no love from me” - TLC

Don’t Want No Scrub: Dealing With a Partner That Doesn’t Pay

Ah, love. Aint it grand? Relationships are great but when youre in one, old or new, bringing up sensitive topics always creates tension. And in this day and age, money is right up there near the top of the list. Even if youre with somebody that in all other aspects is wonderful, having a partner that doesnt shoulder their financial weight is the worst.

Ever been left with the dinner bill? Shouted multiple rounds of drinks without the offer of one back? Covered something he/she conveniently had no wallet or cash to pay for? Treating your partner is nice, and something I recommend from time to time. But if this happens repeatedly with the elusive promise of getting the next one, then Im afraid you might be with a Scrub. We all know the term from the infinite wisdom of TLC, but for some clarification, a Scrub is a leech, scab, stingy etc.

Believe me, Ive experienced this before, so for the sake of your relationship, bank account and sanity, here are a few tips on how to deal with this frustrating scenario.

Bills, bills, bills (and the apps that split them)

Thank you Steve Jobs & the Internet gods for technology. There are a whole host of mobile apps available these days for splitting the bill. Varying in scope and function, a few of my favourites are Splittr, Venmo, groupme and squarecash. Most of the banks also have this type of functionality in their mobile apps so have a little play around and see what you can find. Now forget the bill-arrival anxiety and split the cost like modern human beings.

Communicate about your cash

Plain and simple, some people are pretty vague. They may actually not realise what theyre doing is a problem and is rubbing you the wrong way. If you can delicately raise the issue and suggest said person pay more of their share, then by all means do so. If this cant be done without winding up single, go about it in a different way. Tell your partner your financial goals, whether thats a holiday, a deposit or investment. If you make it clear youre saving for a reason and cant fritter away your money it might prompt a more egalitarian nature in them when it comes to the mula.

The couple that budgets together stays togetheror something like that

If your partner has issues saving their money, or you as a couple YOLO a bit too much, make a budget and treat it like a couples exercise. Make it together and stick to it together so you can encourage one another, and also have someone to bitch to when youre forced to buy the cheap wine. If it saves you both some cash, you could use it for a special dinner or holiday, going halves of course.

Just remember: guy or girl, you are most likely not helpless or despondent and – apologies to my own sex – especially you ladies. You cant demand to be a mans equal in every other respect, then expect to be treated financially. For everyone, its good form to offer to pay your share, and kind of rude to assume it would be otherwise.

TLC – No Scrubs