Easy Ways to Save Without the Scuffle

We’ve all been there. Maybe you’ve been treating yourself (cough every hour) or perhaps you’ve just arrived home from a sunny holiday to find your bank account gloriously empty.

Saving may seem like a goliath task, but to get the proverbial ball rolling (or rather, coins in this case), here are some easy peasy ways to save without the internal scuffle. It’s child’s play.

Set-up an automatic transfer

If you’re earning, say, $500 dollars a week and want to stash away half of your dollies for a rainy day (aka, when your multi-issued car finally decides to suicide), set up an automatic bank transfer from your everyday account to a savings account.

If you need to up the level of saving restrictions (have you no self control?!) use an online savings account without an attached direct debit/credit card like UBank.

We bet you won’t want that chocolate muffin when you have to wait two to three business days to pay for it.

Keep the change

Have you been throwing your coins away like a pompous sugar daddy? Stop it. All those dollar coins, twenty-cent pieces and yes, the horridly useless five-cent pieces all add up.

Dust off your old primary school piggy bank and drop in any unwanted coins throughout the week. By the end of the month, you should have enough to buy yourself a sweet treat.

I recommend one from Coles or Safeway, that way no one has to witness you not-so-subtly paying in five-cent pieces.

So much disregard for coins.

Check out all the freebies

Melbourne has so many free events every week that it is literally a budgeters dream. Do a sweep across Melbourne’s best online resources, blogs and social media for the best free events to entertain you every Friday night.

If you get desperate, visit the library for a book to read. Total = $0.

Get creative and DIY at home

A fan of manicures? Expensive haircuts? Weekly massages? Try doing your own nails at home or with a friend, buy a box of hair products to get creative in your bathroom, or order your minion (ie, partner) to give you a personal massage.

Cutting out some of the luxuries we enjoy is an unfortunate part of saving, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo them completely.

Make your own coffee and tea

If you’re any kind of respectable mid-twenties adult, you go through a lot of caffeine. But that morning (and midday and afternoon) latte is chewing through your weekly budget.

Purists may cry real, blotchy tears, but switching to black tea (double the teabags if you must), or trying instant coffee is a simple way to save.

Drink tap water

If all else fails, bring your old high school water bottle out into the light. Make sure it’s filled at all times and sip from it instead of buying soft drinks during the day.

Add drops of lemons, frozen raspberries or mint to mix it up.

Well, I’m not sleeping tonight.