What Your Email Address Says About You

They say you can tell a lot about a person from their shoes. And, whether you’ve cottoned onto it or not, the same goes for email addresses.

While you may be too confident or too cut-throat to care, the fact is your digital communications are often the first and sometimes only interaction you have with potential business partners and employers.

If you get that first impression wrong, it’s harder to shake than a limp hand.

So, to get you up to speed, here’s what other people are thinking the moment your emails whistle into their inbox.


“Wow, this lady must be old. That, or she works for Yahoo. What ever happened to them anyway?”

@<your name>.com

“Bit presumptuous, naming a section of the internet after yourself. They must be a sweet freelancer or super full of themselves, but we’ll probably never know which.”


“Hmm, I hope this isn’t a virus.”


“This guy couldn’t even be arsed getting a proper email account. By the looks of it, he just signed up to the World Wide Web and shifted into neutral. Digital rookie.”


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@<your current employer>.com

“That’s one way to get fired.”


“Ah, another corporate crusader writing from their once-state-of-the art desktop computer. Probably pretty sharp, even tech savvy, for a ‘with it’ 50-year-old.”

@<your university>.edu

“Now, this is either a student hiding an outrageous personal email address, or a graduate without the energy to join the internet on their own account. Let’s see how old they are…”


“Yep, that looks normal.”


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If you’re a bit tender after that revelation, at least take heart in the fact you probably got the front half of your email address right. Unless you’re sexykitten69, that is.

And one more thing, while we’re on it; try to press send within work hours. Nobody wants to hire a creep sending email out at 3am.

Now, time to sort those shoes out.

Image: twitter.com/mattwi1s0n via Flickr