How to Exercise When You Have No Time

Let’s face it. Who has the money or the time to hit the gym or yoga classes daily? Between commuting, eating, working and sleeping, most of us have precious little time to pump some iron (mainly because we’d prefer to watch an episode of GoT instead…) However, you’re not going to be young and beautiful forever and all that couch surfing could add up to some extra podge around your middle. So before your metabolism waves goodbye, here’s some handy ways to fit in some exercise around your daily routine.


We’ll start with a pretty obvious way to exercise – ditch the train and walk or cycle to work instead. Not only will this kick-start and end your day with fresh air and a cheeky bit of fitness but it’ll also save you money. Win-win.

If you don’t own a bike or you live too far away to walk, you can still turn your commute into a workout. Instead of fighting for a seat when you get on the train, try standing. Being on your feet is better for your metabolism and can burn extra calories while you’re on your way to work. If you’re really keen, you can always hop off a stop or two early and walk the rest of the way.


Strangely enough, it’s not usually acceptable to knock out a few sets of deep lunges in the middle of your office, but there are other ways you can feel the burn while you’re working. Similarly to commuting, set up a standing desk and alternate throughout the day. Studies have shown that those who stand for at least a quarter of their day are much less likely to become obese.

If you can, swap the elevator for the stairs. Obviously, if you work on the 63rd floor, don’t take the stairs ALL the way to the top, but hop out a few floors above or below. It’s also a good idea to set yourself hourly alarms to remind yourself to jump up and take a quick walk around the office or out to grab a coffee. This is what those fancy FitBit’s do by the way, so we just saved you $170. You’re welcome!

Also, try and make the most of your lunch hour. Go for a jog, head to a nearby park and get your squat on or even just head to a café that’s an extra 10 minutes walk away. All these little things will add up and re-fresh you for the afternoon back at your desk.


So you’re finally back home after a busy day of work and all you want to do is veg out on the sofa. Stop right there! If you’re not going to head to the gym, you can still fit in a workout at home.

Is your place looking a bit dusty? Whip out the vacuum cleaner and give it an intense clean. Scrubbing, mopping and general exertion will help you break a sweat and your apartment will soon be sparklingly clean. Hurrah!

Obviously, we’re not going to prevent you from watching Netflix so sure, binge watch all you like. You’ve just got to exercise while you do it. Lay out your yoga mat (or a thick towel if you didn’t manage to make it to Lululemon this week) and squat, plank and sit-up while you watch. You’ll be so absorbed with Frank Underwood’s latest shenanigans that you’ll barely feel any pain. Well, hopefully.

Ever met a 25-year-old that owns his own gym? We have!