#FakeTradie Is the New Stoner Sloth

Remember the NSW Government’s ridiculous Stoner Sloth ads? Remember how intoxicatingly cringe-worthy they were? Well now I want you to picture the same level of cringe and then multiply it by ten. My friends, the result is #FakeTradie.

No, that’s not a parody, that’s a legitimate advertisement made by the coalition that accuses the Labor party of attacking business, and then – what I’m assuming they mean – the average tradie.

“Bill Shorten even wants to go to war with someone like me, who just wants to get ahead through an investment property,” says the worst actor of all time. Where the fuck did they find this guy? And who’s idea was it to give him a blue mug and the silver wrist chain? If this the Coalition’s idea of the everyman, then they have severely missed the mark.

Who takes a ceramic mug onto a fucking construction site in the first place!?

But the best part of the entire video is the completely unconvincing final words of the not-tradie – “So I reckon we should just see it through and stick with the current mob for a while.” In other words, “we know we’re not great, but Bill Shorten is a bad man! Give us one more chance… please?”

As per usual, the internet has responded with hilarity. Here are some of the gems of #FakeTradie

Thank you, internet, thank you so much.