Fan Spent $40k on Bowie Shrine

The sudden passing of David Bowie has left the world in shock, with fans of the great Ziggy Stardust taking to social media in collective mourning.

But one fan might just be able to claim that she’s sadder than any of you ~vanilla~ fans, because she’s spent an incredible £20,000 (roughly $40,000) on her very own Bowie shrine.

Twenty-five-year-old Louise Moody’s Manchester home is decked out with posters, clothing, records, CD’s and all sorts of memorabilia dedicated to her love of the pop idol.

She has even spent over $10k on tattoos of Bowies face and a rather large ode to the hit song Space Oddity. Ground control to Major sick-tatty’s.

Louise says that her love of David Bowie can be traced back to a young age when her mother used to play his greatest hits record during dinner. Since that point, her obsession has become impossible to subdue; “I even started smoking Marlboro lights when I found out he smoked them. I just love everything about him, it was my dream to meet him.”

Stating off her collection with modest magazine clippings and T-shirts, she now owns every album and single he’s ever released.

“All of my memorabilia spreads through the house, my books and DVD’s go on the shelf but my magazine cuttings are stored in loads of folders, I have even had to put them in folders that I keep recipes and things in because I have so many, I am hoarding them for no reason as I don’t use them.”

When asked how she’s handling the news of Bowies death, she told The Sun she’s been left “devastated.”

We all are Louise, we all are.

Still bummed 🙁