How Your Favourite Emojis Are Being Used in Business Communication  

There’s no denying it, Emojis have become part of our everyday language and it looks like they’re here to stay.

The modern day hieroglyphs have becomes so ingrained in our communications that even businesses have jumped on board, using them to make their days at work a just that little bit more fun.

In light of World Emoji Day (yep, that’s a thing) yesterday, here’s a few ways some businesses use their favourite Emojis in Slack.


Our most used emoji on Slack is actually a dancing gif of our logo, the Envato leaf! This morphed into an ‘Envatian’ (a dancing monkey with an Envato leaf for a head).

Pretty much any Envato news, new hire or exciting business milestone will have a number of Envato dancing monkeys adorning the message. It’s a bit cute and a bit quirky!


The most popular emojis at aren’t ones you’d see normally, but rather ones that are very unique to us. The custom emoji feature on Slack has allowed us to make a meme using our CTO Mark Cohen’s face, which we now post as replies to random comments to give it both authority and humour!

We also have a custom emoji for coffee, as we built a coffee order bot into Slack called Coffee Cow.


clappy handssplosion

Boom and Clap, are the two most commonly used emojis at NOMAD since we’re all about keeping our team happy and motivated. Our director loves to sign off his messages with the boom emoji, indicating a job well done.

Staff will also celebrate a moment of inspiration, from one of their colleagues, using the clap emoji.



The three most heavily used emojis at Mofo HQ recently are thumbs up, heart and sheep! Whenever we post customer feedback or give props to each other for doing some good, the thumbs up and heart emojis get a workout.

As for the sheep emoji, well, we’ve just launched our site in New Zealand, so any updates around that have been followed by the sheep emoji!


thumbs up

At amaysim we love the thumbs up emoji because it’s like giving a teammate a virtual high-five or cheering them on from your desk. Whether it’s to simply show we like something, celebrate the success of a project or express our appreciation for something one of our peers has done for us, we do it with the thumbs up.

We’re also all about empowering customers to manage their mobile plan with their thumb so it’s only appropriate that our most loved emoji is the thumbs up.