Feel Like You’re Not Getting Noticed at Work? Here’s What You Need to Do

Have you been feeling like the office plebe lately? Does anyone even notice when you are away? Does your boss call you Cindy, but your name is Bob? Are you still doing coffee runs after five years at the same workplace?

It’s easy to be drowned out by the rest of your co-workers so what does it take to stay above the water and get noticed?

Be proactive

Even the smallest of tasks can go a long way in making your manager or other higher-ups notice you. Look around your office, perhaps a new sign needs to me made up for the filing system or you notice how a procedure can be made more efficient.

Whatever it is, take charge and tackle the smallest of problems with gusto. Making small but helpful changes is a good way to get noticed. People will want to know whose idea it was to make the filing system easier or how the dullest procedures are now quicker to do.

But be careful not to forget about the other work you have been employed to do. Missing deadlines won’t go down well with the people you are trying to impress.

Write up a professional email explaining your ideas or suggestions and send it to your manager. This is a good way to cover yourself and keep everything above board. Make sure you include any other heads of staff that you think should be in the know. This way, not only your manager will start to notice you, but others in the team will too.

The worst that can happen, is they will say no. But you’ve got to risk it to get the biscuit. So give it a go, you may be surprised and after a while, the smaller tasks will become bigger ones.

Friends with benefits

Making small talk around the coffee machine with your Managers is a great way to get in with the right people at work. Even if you’re not particularly fond of them, sucking up a little bit can be worth it if it means they start to notice you more and include you in any upcoming office changes, like a new position becoming available.

Hearing small details about work can also be helpful in gaining inside knowledge and climbing the corporate ladder, but be aware that not all information is meant for your ears.

Don’t repeat what you hear; Chinese whispers never goes down well in the work place and any good information you hear could benefit you. So unless you want someone else to use it to their advantage, keep it to yourself.

Be a team player

If you are seen to be making an effort by getting along with everyone, including attending all the work social functions, Friday night office drinks, bringing a birthday cake to share etc., you will be noticed not only for your great work ethic, but also for being an easy, friendly, smiling person around the office.

Managers love employees who make the work place a stress free space. It’s hard to manage staff who don’t want to contribute or socialise. If this isn’t really your sort of thing, that’s ok, you don’t have to stay for the whole event, just make sure you always make an appearance.

Always greet people in the morning and say goodbye at the end of your working day. Someone who sits quietly at their desk without interacting with anyone will soon be ignored all together and easily forgotten.

Work hard

This, of course, is an obvious one, and if you think you are already a hard worker, then you need to step it up a notch. This is certainly something that will get noticed by your Managers.

If you can, stay back later or come in earlier every now and then, especially if the Manager is around. It not only looks like you’re putting in extra effort, but you can actually get those annoying odd jobs done. You know, the ones that always get left unfinished due to bigger priorities.

Your manager will be grateful that those pesky jobs have finally been taken care off and your working peers will be happier too.

Play by the rules

If you are someone who likes to stretch the rules a little at work, then stop right now. Getting noticed for all the wrong reasons won’t do you any favours.

If your manager sees you perusing Facebook, watching cute kittens play with wool on YouTube or even writing articles for a web site called The Hip Pocket, then you probably won’t look like the right candidate for a new positon or pay rise.

So be a square for a while, at least until you get that Manager’s position you’ve always wanted. Then you can do whatever you like because ‘you the man now!’