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Do You Feel Lucky, Punk? You Shouldn’t

Rushing down to the newsagent to get your winning ticket for tonight’s Powerball? Well, you’re a sucker.

The odds of a standard 12 game ticket winning tonight’s $70 million draw – the second highest in Australian lotto history – are 6,397,300 to one.

Don’t worry about doing the maths, that’s roughly zero per cent.

The real winner in these long-shot scenarios is inevitably the company running the show. Tatts Group shares have soared 73 per cent over past three years, spitting dividends out along the way.

The wagering giant is the 11th largest lottery operator world-wide, with roughly 4,250 retail outlets selling 172 million entries in the first six months of this year.

That’s to say nothing of the company’s TAB or gaming operations.

So, instead of spending your time scratching out expensive numbers on a Powerball ticket this arvo, how about looking into the company running the show instead.

That’s not to say it’s necessarily a good investment, but an interesting business to do your first investment research on.

Because you’re much better trying to beat the odds in the sharemarket than the lotto draw.