Finally, a Remedy for Those Who Hate Parking: Get a Tesla

Unless you hate technology or the environment, you’re probably aware that car company Tesla are absolutely slaying on the electric car scene.

Run by billionaire good-bloke Elon Musk, the cars are sleek, modern and of course, emissions free, allowing you to be as smug as humanly possible about your minimal carbon footprint.

And because Elon is a dead-set legend, regular software updates are provided to all Tesla owners, often containing new features that are pretty darn sweet.

As part of the 7.1 update, Model S owners can now access the “Summon” feature, giving the car the ability to park or remove itself from a parking spot or garage by itself within 39 feet (about 12 meters) of the space.

Because you know, we needed more excuses to be lazy and all, this just makes sense.

Walk to my car? What am I, an athlete?

Other features included in the update are improved collision detection, interface changes and the ability to have your garage door open and close automatically.

Before you go out and order one of these marvels of modern engineering, I should mention that they’ll cost you upwards of $100,000, not to mention the scarcity of recharge stations in Australia, making long distances unfeasible at this stage.

But if you value not having to park over money and going further than 500km’s on one charge, then this is the car for you. Or maybe you prefer another kind of emissions free vehicle…