Finished Uni? Here’s How Many People You’re Fighting for Your First Job

If you think uni was tough, you’ve got one helluva battle ahead to find a job.

Job ad search engine Adzuna has tallied up the numbers, and depending on which state you’re in, you could be battling it out with as many as 61 others to land one of the few grad jobs being advertised.

Sound like a stitch up? Certainly. Is there any way around it? Not really, but you’ll be okay.

There are a shed-load of people graduating from Australian universities this year – 200,532 to be precise – who will be fighting it out for just 5,182 listed graduate vacancies.

Casting your job search wide across this great land will help, especially if you’re in one of the tough spots out west or down south. Grad caps and gowns roll through these major cities like tumbleweeds in the desert.

To help focus your mind and get your game face on, this map sums up the competition for precious grad positions around Australia.

Grad Job Competition

If you get there, you can look forward to an average starting salary $52,500, which has remained fairly steady for three years in a row, according to Graduate Careers Australia.

But don’t let these tough numbers flag your enthusiasm for ironing your dad’s shirt and shooting those applications around. Last year’s Annual Graduate Survey (AGS) found that for the majority of grads, things ending up working out.

The 2014 AGS found that, of all new domestic bachelor degree graduates either in or seeking full-time employment, 68 per cent landed full-time employment and 20 per cent working on a part-time or casual basis while continuing their job search.

Lucky for you, the ones that did find full-time jobs were kind enough to share their job search techniques in the survey.

More than half of the lucky buggers found out about their job either through searching ads on the internet (26 per cent), talking to family or friends (14 per cent) and visiting university or college careers services (12 per cent).

So there’s your hot tip. Now suck it up and get busy kiddo, the real work starts here.